The Muslim Problem - WWIII

The USA is in World War III, which, besides being a conflict between nations and/or groups of nations, is based on wildly differing “religious” philosophies, the coveted territories being both tangible and mental. While perhaps not deriving completely from the “Crusades” affairs of centuries ago, WWIII comes close. The main difference is in the ability of nations to do very quickly now what demanded years in the long ago. Those who try to connect the USA with the Crusades do so in error because this country did not become a nation for centuries after the bloody battles of the long ago. The Muslims love to cite the fact that we are the reincarnation of the Great Satan of those times, but reasonable people, including the Muslims, know better.

Despite all protestations to the contrary by peace-loving Muslims, whether real or imagined, pagan Islam premises as its evangelizing tool the physical overcoming of infidels – better still, their deaths. This is being cruelly carried out through much of the world today, particularly that part including the Middle East, North Africa, and the western Pacific between latitudes 10 degrees north and south. Africa and Asia are critical. In terms of religion, Muslims and Christians are about evenly divided in Africa. In Asia, Muslims outnumber Christians by 2.6 to 1. Worldwide, there are 2.1 billion Christians and 1.3 billion Muslims. The number for Christians is misleading, however, since the number of Christians who actually practice their faith is much smaller than noted. For instance, Christianity in Europe is totally dead and not a prominent issue in this country, notwithstanding all the ballyhoo to the contrary. Muslims have little choice. They practice, or else.

It seems improbable that there will be large land-armies again. There will have to be enough personnel to maintain occupancy for relatively short periods, such as in Iraq. That period of occupancy, despite what anyone says about “staying the course,” should be greatly shortened after the beginning of 2006, if not before. The sooner the USA leaves now, the sooner the Iraqis will settle all their issues, one way or another, and they may not go for an America-style democracy. If so, so be it. They are not now a world threat, as was the case under Saddam. People in this country do not think in either global or historic terms, so the lessons of other periods and wars are lost on them. People in this country can’t find the wherewithal to face less than three deaths a day in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001, so they have no capacity for understanding how the nation could have stood for losing between 320 and 330 Americans a day during the 4.5 actual years of combat in WW I and II. In Vietnam, the number was 20 deaths per day (using the figure of 8 years), and in the Korean conflict 34 Americans died each day over a three-year period. Rumsfeld knows that a draft is not acceptable any time soon. Besides, it’s only in the army that recruitment goals have not been met this year. Once the caterwauling has stopped, enlistments will pick up, young people being what they are.

The Muslims intend to “drive us into the sea.” They have said as much, and their holy writ demands it. The best weapon is the one that looms largest – the ability to completely wipe out any nation’s military capability. This can be done with current weaponry. Removing the threat of Islam is all that matters. The nations such as Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, which countenance terrorist activity, either de jour or de facto, need to understand that we can and will destroy every military installation and utility network they have, always hoping for the minimum amount of collateral damage. In 1992, the USA was still geared up for war, right after Kuwait…quite strong. When the WTC was bombed the first time, in 1993, the hammer should have fallen, probably on Egypt, from where it was easily and quickly proven the destructive impulse had come. This would have meant no more aid and the unmistakable message that Egypt would stamp out its terrorism program or see all of its military installations, as well as other facilities, blown into ashes. That didn’t happen. It didn’t happen when the African embassies were bombed in 1998, or at other times in the 90s when Americans were butchered, but by that time the military was not an important tool of government. Now, the military is by far the most important aspect of government.

Bush said in 2000 that the USA would not indulge in nation-building. He went back on his word in Iraq, but is finding out that Muslims do not nation-build the way Americans do. Americans do it by law. Muslims do it by the sword. In any case they, relatively uneducated and totally ignorant of democracy, cannot do in 24 months or so what it took this nation years to do, despite its fairly well educated population. It seems clear that the USA will not occupy another country. It doesn’t actually occupy Afghanistan with some 17,000 or so troops (that figure not available, actually, though compared to 40,000 in both South Korea and Japan), and America will not occupy Iraq. The notion that it would ever occupy China or India is too wild to comprehend. Destruction of infrastructure is the key that will scare nations into clamping down on their terrorists. The USA must be overwhelmingly superior in the technology of destruction…breaking things, killing people…but land wars are out.

In the meantime, not one person of Middle-East descent or from any Middle-East country or known to be an adherent of Islam from anywhere should be allowed to enter this country any time soon, even temporarily, and all who are still here illegally should be shipped out ASAP, as has happened to many already. There are enough Muslims here now, augmented by African-American Muslims. It was seen on 9/11 what Muslims who lived and were trained in America can and will do, as well as in the Muslim bloodthirstiness in Madrid and in the American Embassy bombings in Africa. It was seen just this week what Muslims born and educated in England will do to innocent people, particularly as ambassadors of Islam in their own country and brainwashed to the extent that they will blow themselves up in order to draw blood. They are the same as the kamikaze pilots in the Pacific in WWII (to whom Japanese Emperor Hirohito was god, in whose name, therefore, one should commit suicide/homicide), and how many of them are living right now in this country (to whom Allah is god, in whose name, therefore, one should kill)? Those who are taught self-immolation as glorification in the killing of the most vulnerable are both uncivilized and taught by the uncivilized. If it is determined that a mosque is the center of terrorist activity (as often seems the case - witness London and the “shoe-bomber”), the mosque should be shut down, notwithstanding all the caterwauling by the politically correct. That would not be an abridgment of religious freedom, but an act of self-defense.

Those who blame American and coalition forces for bringing on terrorist attacks because of the Iraqi war are blowing smoke. Three thousand Americans were brutally murdered on Sept. 11, 2001, and that was long before the Iraqi war, as was all the butchering of the 90s. Those who blame USA support for Israel for the carnage are also loony-tunes. The Islam-induced terror derives from the incessant drive of militant Muslims to own the world, as was the case with the Soviet Union during 1945-90. Whether driven by pagan worship or hedonistic greed, the result is the same – butchering in the name of a godless ideology. For the majority of Muslims, who desire peace, these statements seem harsh, but if they will not take control of their own fellow-worshipers and stop the bloodletting, then so be it.

Though USA society is gradually rotting from the inside out in its obsession with entertainment, obesity, sex, perversion, and political correctness accruing to the notion that “anything goes if it feels good and the state should guarantee it,” it is not yet ready for the taking. It may implode at some point, but it wont be brought to its knees by a bunch of monsters who think a couple of beheadings is just an afternoon of fun.