Weiner's Partners in Crime

Everyone is piling on Congressman Weiner now and, of course, he deserves it as more of his disgraceful shenanigans are exposed almost daily. His claim to be seeking solutions (would Obamacare cover it?) for his problem seems vague enough. Is he having a “Tiger Woods Moment?” No such thing as sex-addiction has ever been declared by any psychiatric or social or psychological agency, so all the stuff about treating it is smoke and mirrors.

Interestingly, not much is said about the fact that on the other end of all Weiner’s tweets or Facebook whatevers – everything from phone sex to lewd pictures? – is a gaggle of females, many if not most of them perfectly willing to go along with the sleaze. They’re characterized in the media as “victims,” the watchword of modern-day America – everybody just has to be a victim of some kind – while poor Weiner is the only villain. Gimme a break!

I surfed onto Hannity the other evening (I’m not a Hannity type) and who was there all the way from Seattle or somewhere out west but the (gasp) college student victimized by Weiner, naturally just horrified – actually, amused – by the whole thing and obviously enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. She’s 26, a single mom (child’s father not mentioned) and a veteran of the U.S. Army, hardly a naïve college girl being seduced by a lecherous old congressman. She was as calm and collected as anyone could hope to be on Fox News, not the least bit upset. Even Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer couldn’t have made her weep bitter tears of trauma, though they might talk her into suing Weiner. That would be a great story.

Well…the network girls have dragged out Sanford, Spitzer, Edwards and hammered them, the cads, with great fervor, but don’t mention the distaff operatives involved in their hanky-panky. They even dredged up poor old Gary Hart and resurrected him from the eighties, the better to make their case that men are animals while the women are poor things just USED – oh, mercy, bless them all – by the insensitive creatures. An errant Congressman is not to be tolerated while practitioners of the oldest profession are to be pitied and glorified for showing strength amidst catastrophe. Egad!

I surfed onto ABC the other morning (okay, just five minutes, admittedly) to discover Christiane Amanpour conducting a panel comprised of some of the highest-profile women to be found anywhere. I gathered in my short viewing that the girls agreed that women are team-oriented and get things done while men are competitive to the point of pushing themselves at the expense of everything and everybody else, the devil take the hindmost. Oh…those cro-magnon-types…keepers of the Glass Ceiling, the devils!

The cutest irony, though, concerns the cuties who do these shows – not all but many, especially news and commentary – and take the lead in crucifying poor Weiner. That infamous press conference of his is still playing, and the cuties, who make sure to exhibit the greatest possible cleavage and the most possible thigh-skin put the dagger in Weiner’s back while displaying the most amazing come-ons ever imagined by the girl-on-the-move, doncha know. They give a show-and-tell lesson about how Weiner got hooked…or “hookered.”

The cuties contrive to give learned opinions (oh, the legal eagles among them) and talk about tornadoes and murders and Middle-East blood-in-the-streets while being painted and primped to the penultimate like they just dropped in for less serious things while on their way to the nearest cocktail party. While their male counterparts are dressed to the nines head-to-foot, suit-and-tie, they come in dressed off-the-shoulder (or sometimes off of more) and, prim and proper with their legs crossed just so, seeming to tease the camera-man about a possible crotch-shot lapse.

Let’s face it. Weiner has had it. I don’t care if he resigns or not. After all, the people elected him, and Congress has featured, does feature, and will always feature strange people, so Weiner is not necessarily out of place. If Slick Willie, who makes Weiner look like a Boy Scout, could hold the presidency, Satan itself could hold a seat from New York. In both perverted behavior and consummate lying, Weiner could never hold a candle to Bubba, who actually discovered what “is” is, perhaps the greatest lesson learned from his peccadilloes. Maybe Weiner will discover what “are” is, or maybe that should be what “are” are. Who knows…or cares?

In the meantime, let’s hear it for the girls who do the necessary in order to seduce these weak legislators and then make hay of it (how smart they are!) and the girls in their iffy clothes (or non-clothes) who make the Tube even boober as they juice up the nightly news and the morning doldrums.