Under God?

There's never a dull moment in the filing of lawsuits concerned with getting the phrase “under God” removed from the pledge of allegiance. All kinds of reasons are advanced such as traumatizing atheists or otherwise upsetting especially schoolchildren vis-a-vis their beliefs, if any. There's a better reason, to wit, that the phrase constitutes blasphemy against God, and this should be especially important to people of Christian faith.

This nation is under a lot of influences and pressures, but it is NOT a nation under God, as is proven 24/7 by accounts in the media alone, especially as they reference the many ways that the tenets of the faith, as expressed scripturally, are violated. God is insulted by the insinuation that the U.S. is somehow a feature of his kingdom...or...heaven...or whatever anyone calls his location/headquarters.

Most of the rank-and-file citizenry is comprised of law-abiding folks who don't lie, cheat, steal, etc. (at least on a regular basis), but the high-profile centers of government and institutions such as universities and churches operate on diametrically opposed bases regarding biblical injunctions and exhortations as do most people some of the time. In the political arena, for instance, corruption and licentiousness, damned by scripture, are simply taken for granted and documented on a daily basis.

For instance, in a Baltimore Sun article quoting an LGBT outfit called Campus Pride, nearly 150 universities offer the option of “gender-neutral housing,” a euphemism for “shack-up” dormitory arrangements. Whereas, dorms were made coed in the 1970s, now dorm-rooms are coed, and since newer dorm arrangements feature clusters of rooms using the same facilities instead of “walking down the hall,” there are mini-whorehouses within the larger whorehouses.

This arrangement emphasizes the university imprimatur on fornication, which is condemned in both the Old and New Testament. In this regard, the big news lately is that 20% of college women claim to have been sexually assaulted but apparently not by perverts jumping from behind the bushes and grabbing them but most likely by guys they know and for reasons too obvious to need mentioning. Academia trivializes scripture, ergo, it is not “under God.”

Not to make too fine a point of the sexual angle, but some churches and whole denominations have placed their imprimatur on filthy homosexual behavior and even the marriage of men with men, two things thoroughly condemned in scripture and therefore not “under God.” On the governmental level, the president is a leader in this area of perversion, having placed tremendous pressure even in the face of state constitutions to the contrary to mandate that these marriages be accepted as normal. This places the nation – under his leadership – anywhere but “under God.” Even Russian communist/atheist President Putin has not sunk that low.

Since the president insists that he's a Christian he profanes God in this matter, since the only means of God's design for reproduction is impossible as per same-sex activity. This is a sacred matter—if life is to have any sanctity at all—but the president prefers a secular view. Perhaps the president would rather have the phrase “under diversity” in the pledge...or “under Satan.”

Since the pledge deals with the nation it necessarily deals with the government. A lying government, no matter the party in power, is generally accepted as an evil to be tolerated. The current government, however, is particularly susceptible to lying, condemned by the Ten Commandments, especially as concerning life and death situations such as the “Benghazi Massacre,” the proof now being revealed that the BIG LIE originated with the White House.

Or...the lies told about Obamacare and the illegal change of the law (30 times by now) not by Congress but by the president's pen. Or...the lies told to attack unutterably weak Libya and destroy it, killing women and children for seven months, thus violating God's sixth commandment against murder.

Would a nation “under God” make it legal to murder children in the womb – some 56.5 MILLION since 1973? Would a nation “under God” make it legal and heavily tax by far the worst mind-altering drug to touch all of society—alcohol? Would a nation “under God” allow its schools to teach as normal that the human body can be desecrated through homosexual perversion?

Suffice it to say that “under God” in the pledge desecrates and profanes God. It should be removed from the pledge, and every person of faith should demand it. Not to do so invites God's wrath.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark