We Shall Under-bear

The recent SCOTUS decision in favor of Hobby Lobby, i.e., that employers cannot be forced by government to pay insurance premiums on coverage of the “morning after” pill procurement since to do so would infringe on First Amendment religious-freedom rights. The Hobby Lobby owners consider this “medicine” as the cause of murder in the case of a fetus being brought into existence and then aborted (euphemism for murdered) by the mother using the precious pill, dear to every woman's organization's heart (or “heartless,” depending on one's take).

The president's executive order attaching this perk to the so-called Affordable Care Act was ruled in violation of law, specifically the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, passed overwhelmingly by Congress and signed into law by then-president Bill Clinton. President Obama, a constitutional lecturer (whatever that is) at one time, apparently knows less than he thinks about “settled law.” Hobby Lobby pays for insurance that covers 16 (count 'em) methods of birth-control (contraception) but the feminists believe that a pill used for abortion purposes should be mandatory.

Since the ACA pertains to healthcare, both contraception and the blessed “morning after” pill are considered as medicine, making pregnancy – or the threat of it – a disease...sorta like appendicitis, the little bugger in there just like a diseased appendix or a tumor of some sort that has to be excised account protecting the health and/or convenience of the mother. One wonders if the prez will do another XO requiring employers to pay for condom coverage for men lest they inflict pregnancy upon some unsuspecting woman, with a penalty if the old stud is lax in using what government provides to keep the population down and the women well and happy.

Even crazier than the stuff already noted is the affirmation by the feminists that women are simply too stupid or broke to avoid pregnancy, thus the government – through the insurance companies – must come to the rescue. Their avoidance of pregnancy is vital to their well-being since carrying that weight around for nine months and then having to put up with the messy aftermath...well...just on the basis of promoting emotional well-being they need help, not to mention missing the former fun-and-games that a fetus or a baby constricts.

During the “Sandra Fluke era” in the run-up to the 2012 election (Obama made Fluke his ambassador to condom-less women), the prez hit the campaign trail with Fluke to show his concern for the poor ladies who could not be expected to manage 31 condoms for a month at a cost of two gallons of gas in California (where else?). As a result, Fluke was a featured speaker at the grand Democrat Convention (known as the “condom clambake”) and is today what the suffragettes were to the vote... the leader for the deliverance of women from mean mostly white men.

Some irony lies in the fact that the ladies, when running for office especially but at other times, too, make as virtually their main qualification the fact they are (gasp and a fanfare!) MOTHERS. Remember Pelosi remarking that a GRANDMOTHER had just become the Speaker. Let's face it...fathers were responsible for the mess of government but (another louder fanfare!!) MOTHERS were going to fix it. Turns out that women are just as corrupt and/or stupid. The one entity most responsible for the welfare of a child is the MOTHER, but killing the little inconvenience seems to be at the fore.

More irony: The ladies have joined the victim-hood crowd. The statistic for unreported military sexual assaults in 2012 was 26,000 and by sheer coincidence the number in 2013 was...yep...26,000, all unreported but counted though no one seems to know how to report the proper number of unreported anything. According to USA Today of September 2013, 90% of college rapes are unreported. Same deal...how the number if unreported? The ladies have also made the contraception-cause a civil-rights matter, thus becoming a minority in the population in which they form the majority. They won't sing “We shall overcome;” rather, “We shall under-bear.”

You can't make this stuff up...only in America!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark