United Nations as FARCE

The United States coughs up 22 percent of the Regular Budget of the United Nations, $423,464,855 for FY 2006. Of the 191 member-nations, none comes close to paying that much, the nearest one being Japan at $332,240,528. Indeed, a gaggle of nations pay the minimum, $17,066, maybe half as much as the average hourly worker makes a year in this country.

For the privilege of financially guaranteeing the UN’s existence, this country had the good fortune on Sept. 20 of having its president labeled the “devil” by Venezuelan President Chavez in a speech to the august UN Assembly, in which he also referenced the sulfur-smoke atmosphere (presumably from hell) left by President Bush the day before at the very spot from which he spoke. Venezuela manages a UN budget-payment of $2,918,283, or little more than one-half of one percent that of the U.S.

Chavez is a buffoon, of course, and his intellect wouldn’t rival that of the “village idiot,” but his hatemongering elicited laughter and cheers from the Assembly. The supreme irony is seen in his joining Iranian President Ahmadinejad (actually aligning himself with Iran by visiting there recently) in excoriating the U.S., since, according to the Islamic Koran, it is the duty of the Muslim to kill the infidel. Venezuela is 96% Roman Catholic (infidel), while Iran is 99% Islamic (infidel-killer). In a direct relationship with Iran, Chavez would be asking Ahmadinejad to annihilate his people.

It’s too bad the Congress of the late 1940s, immediately following World War II, didn’t follow the lead of its predecessor assembly in the aftermath of World War I nearly 30 years before. U.S. President Wilson campaigned strenuously for this country to join the League of Nations, predecessor world-body to the UN, but the Congress wouldn’t have it. Under mandate of the League, mainly supported by the “colonizer” nations, Lebanon and Syria came under the control of France, while Jordan (including Palestine) and Iraq went to the British, who already controlled Kuwait and continued to station troops in Egypt, a sort of control. Is it any wonder that this region is in such confliction today?

The League of Nations – if it had been of any use – would have forestalled World War II. Japan and Italy were original members and Germany was admitted in 1926, but Japan and Germany withdrew in 1933 and Italy in 1937. Those countries formed the WWII AXIS nations that wreaked havoc throughout especially East Asia, Europe, and North Africa, killing so many millions of people and devastating so much real properties that quantifying the total losses has always been impossible. They represented evil on a scale totally incomprehensible to civilized people and for their trouble they brought about the near absolute destruction of their own countries.

Harry Truman will go down in history as a great president, but it’s hard to forgive him for allowing the UN headquarters to be located in this country, and just as hard to forgive the Congress for enacting membership in this monstrous organization, almost unanimously anti-American from its beginning. Except for advancing some piddling social improvements, such as in education or feeding people starving as little more than chattel under the control of evil dictators, it’s as worthless as the League was.

Presently, the UN has peacekeeping missions in 18 countries/regions, but they have little or no power and thus little reason to be in those places. Indeed, a close watch has to be kept on the missions in Africa, for instance, just to keep the peacekeepers from raping all the women in sight. Peacekeepers have been in Sudan since last year but the genocide rolls merrily along. Peacekeepers have been in Lebanon since 1978, and they had the privilege recently of doing nothing while Hezbollah, backed by UN members Syria and Iran, attempted to, as Iranian President Ahmadinejad has promised, wipe Israel from the earth.

The current secretary-general, Kofi Annan, is a Ghanaian whose son has been in on the “Saddam-Shakedown” and whose country is contributing $68,264 to the UN budget for this year. His predecessor was Egyptian Boutros Boutros-Ghali, whose country is coughing up a bit more than $2 million this year. The U.S. provides Egypt with $1.3 billion a year just in military aid. All told, Egypt has received well over $50 billion in U.S. largesse of one kind or another since 1975. In the 1970s, the UN secretary general was Kurt Waldheim, one of Hitler’s army officers who knew at the time, by his own admission, of some of the butcher’s atrocities. Go figure.

Chavez actually was attacked by a truth in his speech when he said, “This UN does not work.” In other words, it’s a FARCE. This corner agrees. He suggested its headquarters should be somewhere in the South. The suggestion here is that it should be located on the island called St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks, located in the Atlantic on the Equator sort of halfway between South America and Africa. That ought to be far enough south.