Obama & the Lunacy-Season!

The president made his grand entrance into the United Nations on the 23rd though it was not nearly so grand as his conquest of Berlin in the summer of 2008. He lectured the world for better than 41 minutes, so he may have induced about as much sleep among the band of dictators as he did in the House Chamber the other night explaining what would be in a health-care bill yet to be written. That’s penultimate smoke-and-mirrors, but then all that happens at the UN, especially during the “speech season,” is smoke-and-mirrors, so the Anointed One was right at home.

Speaking at the UN may have spared him from having to finish his task of apologizing to all the nations of the world individually for the existence of the evil U.S. Perhaps he did this by making it plain that the George Bush era was over, thus apologizing for the nation’s conduct over the past few years, during which this country made tremendous headway in showing the Muslim-world that its treachery will not stand. One supposes the imams and ayatollahs are breathing a bit more freely as a result of the entrance on the world scene of Obamessiah, characterized by Libya’s butcher, Moammar Qadaffi, as “my son” or “Africa’s son” or some other such silly appellation in his UN speech of 1.5 hours.

The prez apparently meant to show that he was stepping away from unilateral tactics, which many accused Bush of embracing. One wonders what Obama was thinking. He’s already said he would do a mano-a-mano with Ahmadinejad, and that’s about as unilateral as it gets. Bush, on the other hand, was stepping aside while Olde Europe “talked” with Ahmadinejad, who probably smirked all the way through the teleprompter production. Bush also insisted on a non-unilateral approach to North Korea (with China, Japan et al), so now one may suppose that Obama will plan a tete-a-tete with the little toad...to be non-unilateral, of course. Disgusting!

Obama has even stated publicly that he would unilaterally invade Pakistan if he thought the Pakistanis were remiss in their duty to do his bidding vis-a-vis al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Either he doesn’t check carefully with his speech-writers or his teleprompter-technicians need refresher courses. Of course, the folks at the UN listened to this double-talk and probably are still laughing, just as they laughed at his remarks at torture being absolutely ended when he took office. It had already been ended ages ago (if it ever actually existed) and the UN folks know that...so, more laughter. Most of the dictators are not bothered by “enhanced interrogation techniques” in the first place, another occasion for laughter.

Ironically, Obama was followed in the UN circus by Qadaffi, the bloodiest butcher and trainer of butchers in all North Africa. Surprise, surprise! Libya is on the current UN Security Council. The Big Q saw what happened in Iraq a few years ago, contacted Bush, and reckoned that he would turn over all his weapons of mass destruction to the U.S., which he did. The U.S. has been in charge of dismantling his WMD effort ever since. Undoubtedly, Moammar wishes now that he’d just waited a little longer for this warm-fuzzy administration to do kissy-poo and look the other way. Obama quite obviously is a one-world guy, with there being absolutely no super-powers. He made that plain at the UN. Americans need to be alarmed at this.

And then there was the climate-change stuff. Professor Mojib Latif, from the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences at Kiel University in Germany, was a lead scientist in preparing the last two UN IPCC reports that scared the bejesus out of everybody, whether they believed the Al Gore “An Inconvenient Truth” hoax or not. Latif has just publicly announced that the IPCC was wrong, that the earth is cooling, and that the cooling trend will probably continue for up to two more decades. Other scientists have proven that the cooling has been in place since 2003 and that greenhouse gases, whether manmade or not, have nothing to do with it.

So...Obamessiah showed up at a Bill Clinton climate soiree of sorts in the Big Apple on the 22nd to make serious about the terrible problem. As if that weren’t enough, he dwelled on it in the UN speech as if it actually exists. The best science concerning the slight global warming in place until about 2003 seems to point to the changing earth-sun relationship as the reason. The anthropologists and meteorologists have for a long time explained the climates through which the earth cycles. For instance, they claim the weather of the Amazon Forest once reached to the Arctic Circle eons ago obviously absent anything manmade. The knowledgeable people in the UN know this...thus, more laughter. Their probable take: the prez is either dumb as a gourd or is shilling for whatever interests are in play...perhaps notably connected to the utterly stupid cap-and-trade legislation guaranteed to profoundly tax citizens in the U.S., as well as in other industrialized nations.

Just another wild and wooly day at the UN! Apparently, the allotted time for speeches was 15 minutes, so Qadaffi spoke six times too long, while Obama about 2.5 times too long, with just about all of both efforts consisting of hot air, nothing more.