Trump on the Stump?

On the morning of 27 April appeared some of the best entertainment imaginable. There was Donald Trump holding a press conference at the airport in Portsmouth New Hampshire and, among other things, boasting that he had forced President Obama to finally release a copy of his official birth certificate for all to see. This, said Trump, allowed the attention of the nation to be turned toward the actual problems the nation faces.

Trump is good at this sort of thing, much better than Obama, who drags out his a-a-n-n-d-d-s-s interminably while he dreams up an answer (actually a short speech) to a reporter’s question, realizing that the reporter these days is also a commentator and will embellish his reporting with the proper interpretation determined by his (the reporter’s) agenda or that of his establishment. Trump simply shoots from the lip and is not above dissing a reporter, as he showed when he asked one such if he was intelligent.

Apparently watching Trump’s TV extravaganza as he tore into the White House on Libya, economics, Obama’s school-records, Chinese hoodwinking of the administration, oil and how to get it or drive down its price, Obama appeared abruptly in the White House press room, thereby automatically commanding the TV apparatchiks to cut off Trump and put himself in the spotlight. This was so transparent that one still laughs. There’s nothing like one-ups-man-ship to put an agitator in his place.

The president gave a short speech and just as abruptly exited the Press Room, leaving the reporters’ dropped jaws to slam the floor together. He characterized Trump as a circus barker and his birth-exercise as a sideshow featuring silliness, then went on to state the usual/obvious boilerplate about people out of work and serious issues (serious stuff) needing to be addressed. He then cruised Air Force One to Chicago for more pressing matters – the serious “stuff” he mentioned being the taping of a show with Oprah Winfrey, and, of course, those fund-raising gigs.

Trump mentioned one aspect of the current presidency that rings a bell for its sheer truthfulness, i.e., that the mainstream media has protected Obama throughout his presidency…a sort of fifth column. One such instance pertains to Obama’s personal war on Libya, waged without even consulting Congress. He simply gave the order back in March to bomb the bejesus out of Qaddafi and then went off to Brazil to announce that he had instigated the war, spending some $55 million per day for ten days and then strong-arming the whole mess off onto NATO.

The mainstream media hasn’t called him on this. Obama has chosen his side and entered a civil war in another country, one that posed no threat to this country or any other country. The mainstream media hasn’t called him on this. At his command, Libyans have been slaughtered by U.S. missiles and bombs. The mainstream media hasn’t called him on this. Even Fox News seems to have given him something of a pass, notwithstanding that he has ordered the killing of civilians, since bombs and missiles just go where they’re aimed and don’t know one Libyan from another.

As a result of Obama’s personal war, blood has flowed in the streets in much greater quantity than would have been the case if he’d minded his own business and that of this nation, not to mention that a man who calls himself a Christian perpetrated it, not out of a defensive posture or because of an actual or perceived threat (Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively) but for reasons impossible of belief, namely, that Qaddafi was about to kill some of his people. Killing some of their people is what Arabic/Muslim leaders do as a matter of course…nothing new. The mainstream media don’t ask Obama how he feels about his gratuitous murdering of innocent people. That would be gauche. Anyhow, he may not have thought about that.

This gives the Muslims the perfect opportunity to claim that Christians and so-called Christian nations are no better than they and their nations in the business of spilling innocent blood whenever such action seems propitious. This stinks but the mainstream media have given Obama a pass on his causing this unwarranted vulnerability (and that of the U.S.) to being criticized as no different from Qaddafi, Assad, or the other Muslim butchers. Obama played God, deciding which Libyans would die and which would live. This is ungodly arrogance on a scale hard to imagine…but the mainstream media is not interested because the emperor (their darling) has no clothes.

Yeah…Trump might be right on. The political gurus said Reagan – a mere movie actor – couldn’t govern, but he was one of the best presidents ever. Trump – also an entertainer, among many other things – might be just the man for the job.