Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, American-born citizens convicted of espionage and put to death in 1951, heard these words from Judge Kaufman as he sentenced them: I believe your conduct in putting into the hands of the Russians the A-bomb [...] has already caused, in my opinion, the Communist aggression in Korea, with the resultant casualties exceeding 50,000 and who knows but that millions more of innocent people may pay the price of your treason. It is worth noting that this jurist pointed out that the Rosenbergs were guilty of treason. When the dust of the Korean War settled, some 37,000 American GIs had died, their blood, according to the judge, lost largely due to the perfidy – treason – of these two people.

In light of both the Constitution and the example above, what is to be said for such media/propagandist organizations such as the New York Times, which has proudly just blown the whistle on this country’s effort to do damage-control regarding the terrorists of the world by using perfectly legal means to track their financial transactions, thus both harming their ability to operate while at the same time determining the locations of their operators? The newspaper certainly did not investigate world financial transactions/markets in order to get its information. Only an idiot would believe that. Obviously, someone furnished the information, someone whose interest lies in hurting this nation’s chances for stopping terrorism…perhaps someone primarily interested in the politics of the matter rather than in the fact that Americans will die because the trumpeting of this information will lengthen the effort to be successful against those who butcher.

It was the same “news” rag that trumpeted the also perfectly legal “warrantless wiretaps” conducted by the National Security Agency in the same effort against the terrorists, abridging no rights of the citizens of this nation, but ferreting out both information and locations both in this nation and abroad relative to those who perpetrate deaths on the innocent and on Americans. In the recent case, the newspaper was asked by both the administration and by the chairmen of the recent 9/11 Commission not to run the account. It chose to do so, after being told in explicit terms that no laws were being violated.

The paper’s action amounted to giving aid and comfort to the enemy, thus making it guilty of treason. It aided the enemy by allowing it to change all of its methods and locations relative to the reasons it was under surveillance, and it gave comfort to the enemy in that the enemy knows it has a fellow-traveler(s) in this country willing to sell-out. The paper is guilty, and those who furnished the information – whether bureaucrats or members of Congress who had been briefed – are even guiltier, since they’ve broken their sacred trust sworn to when they took office. These entities “adhered,” as mentioned in the Constitution, Article III, to the design of the terrorists, i.e., to kill all infidels, Americans particularly. The level of disgust that should be felt by the citizens is so profound as to be incomprehensible, especially since none of these idiot organizations/people will be brought to account.

It also isn’t too big a stretch to condemn many political leaders in this country for their treasonous actions, as well. Under the guise of attempting to form some sort of “policy” that will end the Iraq War and “bring the troops home,” the democrat politicians in Congress have made the fight against terrorists into campaign fodder, most often demanding a timetable for withdrawal, notwithstanding the strategic lunacy of such an approach. They expect this to play well with citizens who, at least according to their polls, are “sick and tired of the whole thing.” They either haven’t learned the lessons of Vietnam, when the administration at that time tried to conduct the war from Washington, unlike the present administration, or they consider political expediency as the priority, the devil take the hindmost.

In 1798, the Congress passed the Sedition Act, specifying that it would be in effect until March 3, 1801. The politicians need to note this part of the act: Be it enacted . . . That if any persons shall unlawfully combine or conspire together, with intent to oppose any measure or measures of the government of the United States, which are or shall be directed by proper authority, or to impede the operation of any law of the United States, or to intimidate or prevent any person holding a place or office in or under the government of the United States, from undertaking, performing or executing his trust or duty […] shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars, and by imprisonment during a term not less than six months nor exceeding five years; and further, at the discretion of the court may be holden to find sureties for his good behaviour in such sum, and for such time, as the said court may direct. In their constant clamor against the very resolutions passed by the Congress giving the president authority for the action against terrorism (and approved by many democrats), they could, if this act were in effect today, be charged and convicted of sedition.

In the vanguard of those politician-whiners is the titular head of the party, Senator John Kerry, who has trumpeted and sponsored “timetable legislation.” This is the same John Kerry who, while still in the military in 1971, went to Paris on his own authority to meet with Vietnamese representatives, thus undermining his own government then, as he is attempting to do now. He should have been court-martialed then and he should be “run out of town” now. This is the guy who voted for the war before he voted against it, as he noted in his presidential campaign in 2004. Pathetic! Perhaps more than any other smooth operator, he has given enormous aid and comfort to the enemy.

Treason! This is the act of entities such as the New York Times, its informers, and John Kerry. Disgusting!

Note: As the president has said all along would be the case, plans are being prepared now for a phased withdrawal of troops, not by him or by Congress, but by the military commanders on the ground.