Elected Officials GLORIFY Stupidity

I told my children back in the day that they must never refer to anyone as stupid. I considered that an insult of the highest (or lowest) magnitude. Stupid is defined (Merriam-Webster, 11th edition) as: slow of mind; OBTUSE; given to unintelligent decisions or acts; acting in an unintelligent or careless manner; lacking intelligence or reason; BRUTISH.

President Obama said publicly and without knowing any facts in 2009 that a white policeman in Cambridge, Massachusetts, acted stupidly, so this definition explains what the president meant. It developed that the policeman was simply doing his duty according to law-enforcement protocols, so the president acted stupidly in letting the clutch out on his tongue before his brain put it in gear.

Since that time long ago, I've had reason to question my injunction to my children as I've watched elected officials and government bureaucrats, one conclusion being that they can act stupidly, sometimes exponentially as in the case just mentioned, especially since the president owned a law degree. Roland Burris, former Illinois attorney general, was appointed by the Illinois governor in 2009 to Obama's vacated Senate seat, according to the state constitution's requirement, but Obama, Majority Leader Reid and Illinois Senator Durbin—all of them lawyers—stupidly decided that Burris would not get the seat.

Reid even stupidly disallowed Burris on the floor of the Senate and stupidly made him conduct his press conference in the rain. With the nation still laughing at this stupidity—excellent example of unchaperoned ninnies—Burris was sworn in, with his detractors suffering a ton of egg-on-their-faces. Besides their stupidity, the “politically terroristic trio” evinced the nth degree of corruptibility.

Stupidity ran amok during the days after Michael Brown, a black, was killed by a white policeman on 09 August within minutes after he had been caught on surveillance camera in Ferguson, Missouri, assaulting a store-clerk and then robbing him. The policeman, Darren Wilson, simply asked Brown, who was high on marijuana, and his friend to stop walking in the middle of a two-lane street, so Brown allegedly assaulted the policeman inside the police-car, necessitating treatment for Wilson in the nearby hospital emergency room but not until after he had shot Brown, who probably thought Wilson knew about the robbery and may have tried to take him down outside the car.

The facts have not been made public by law-enforcement or other agency, so no one knows yet precisely what happened. The affair is being examined by a grand jury, meaning that responsible (not stupid) officials should wait until this examination is complete before saying or doing anything. The key witness, Brown's friend, lied to police in 2011 in Jefferson City (gave wrong name and age), when he was arrested for alleged theft, didn't show up in court and is now under an outstanding arrest warrant, so his already expressed account is worth zilch.

Stupidity on a grand scale! U.S. Attorney General Holder stupidly sent at least 40 FBI agents to push out the locals in a garden variety death-by-cop episode handled every day in courthouses across the nation. He had already established Wilson's guilt and stupidly meant to prove it. The Missouri governor stupidly got in on the act by calling for a thorough prosecution, certainly not of Brown. Later, President Obama directed the Department of Justice (Holder again) to whip up a separate federal civil rights investigation, all of this without any actionable information about what happened! That will come from the grand jury while all the legal eagles chill out, maybe by October.

It was obvious that a marvelous excuse for looting and burning buildings had fallen into the laps of the New Black Panther ilk—all in the form of protests, of course. Rabble-rousing outfits invaded from all over the country and cowed the the town. The governor called out the state police, then stupidly called out the National Guard, a stupid bit of overkill, and declared an ignored curfew, all while stupid pundits and officials were screaming about an overkill-military-police-presence, stupidly expecting the law-guys to be Molotov-cocktail-bombed to death without raising even a pea-shooter.

Stupidity grew incomprehensibly when Obama appointed Al Sharpton as liaison between the White House and Ferguson, reporting to White House hack Valerie Jarrett (taking the sun in New England with the prez). Sharpton, best known for the Tawana Brawley fraud, for which he was convicted, owes New York state $806,875 in back-taxes, but that's chump change to what he owes the U.S. government in unpaid personal income taxes, a cool $2.6 million.

The epitome of stupidity was reached when Obama sent a delegation from the White House to the Brown funeral, sort of like his “selfie” trip to Mandela's funeral in South Africa. During this time-frame, there was no delegation (certainly not the president or vice president) just across the river in Arlington at the funeral of Major General Green, killed in action in Afghanistan (shot four times in the back and once in the leg by a “friendly Afghan policeman”). Obama was in golfing-mode and Biden might have had trouble finding Arlington anyway.

Naw...stupidity is too nice. The definition of idiocy is extreme mental retardation: something notably stupid or foolish. The administration is a mental hospital run by the idiots.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark