Trump...Professor's Last Resort

Retired University of Kentucky professor Marty Solomon is a frequent columnist of the Lexington Herald-Leader, holding forth as the paper's resident socialist, though probably registered (assuming such) as a democrat or independent. He opened with this on 29 September: “For too long now, we have allowed lobbyists and special interests in America to control our politicians, buy their votes and even write the legislation that becomes laws.” How's that for something new?

After stating the obvious, he then goes down a list of things earning his disapproval that the evil lobbyists have pulled off, noting that the energy industry, for instance, invests $90 million a year in lobbying. He even accused Congress (a bunch of jihad-goons?) of disregarding human life at the behest of wicked lobbyists vis-a-vis the next elections. The lobbying culprit for this mayhem: the National Rifle Association, of course. In the president's hometown of Chicago, N-R-A stands for NO RIVALS ALIVE among the gang-bangers and other community organizers.

But I digress! The nation finally is seeing a candidate for the presidency that Solomon can support because the campaigner is not beholden to any PAC, lobby-group, or other special interest group. Solomon should just become a supporter of a financially pure office-seeker, who can afford to remain financially pure if elected—a totally free kind of guy—Donald Trump, who uses no one's money but his. The presumptive democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, carries enough financial baggage to humble a railroad-boxcar and is the personification of insider-corruption.

Solomon mentioned the usual cure...term limits and new campaign finance laws...but dutifully adds that neither will ever happen. He then destroys his own argument by claiming that throwing out incumbents—the objective of term limits—might be like “throwing out the baby with the sewage.” Translated, this means that a 32-year democrat senator, with all that seniority, is too precious to lose.

To his credit, Solomon then suggested a “more surgical approach,” namely, discovering the voting records of the legislators (have them e-mailed for free, presumably) as one method, and provided a web-site for discovering a solon's top campaign contributors and amounts. He claimed that the appropriate bums could then be voted out of office, though he didn't mention that the successful office-seeker might be even more sewage-prone than the loser. So, that puts a voter back at square-one...PACs, interest groups, lobbyists masquerading as campaign gofers, etc.

Added to this is the fact that perhaps most voters just hit the “party-button” on the voting machine, come hell or high water, and figure that the risk is no greater that way than any other. Corruption is an equal opportunity fact of life in the U.S., sewage-bait knowing no favorites. Besides, the legislator, incumbent or wannabe, might be a political transgender, sort of like Vermont Senator Jeffords, who was elected as a republican in November 2000 but “evolved” (Obama's term) beyond cretin-republicanism two months later and handed the Senate to the democrats. That's dishonesty to the nth degree.

Add into the mix that nearly half of households pay no income taxes but vote hugely to try to determine how the money provided by the other half will be spent (or given away). These certainly are the party-button-pushers, so government is swinging toward the swingers—the socialists.

So...Solomon is stuck with the flamboyant Trump as the financially pure candidate, no questions asked. That might not be all bad since, without explaining how to pay for it, Trump insists that he would see to it that every American has healthcare, presumably side-stepping the whole issue of insurance companies. Trump has just released his tax program and Solomon is sure to despise it (hugely reduced taxes), but...hey, a voter can't have everything. Cut the guy some slack.

In the meantime, socialism is alive and well in the U.S. and is overtaking the system, no matter which party or individual wins.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark