Socialism by Design?

As things become more unglued in the country, as evidenced by the inability of the administration and Congress to even approach coherency much less believability, the citizen is left to wonder this 04 July holiday where the USA has gone. Its engines of both government and private enterprise are on dead center, notwithstanding recent enactments of law. Indeed, the Congress, caught up in a fervor of social engineering since being taken over by the democrats in 2007, has bid well, with plenty of help from the president, to do what Obama promised – transform the government.

Perhaps the president puts it well when he practically says that the Congress is hopeless because the republicans won’t cooperate, another way of saying that a Congress that’s overwhelmingly democrat is so incompetent that it can’t get its act together in order to transform him from being prexy to being czar, the thing the founders feared the most. Weird! The founders made the penultimate (and successful until recently) effort to guarantee against despotism and would flip in their collective grave to see the Constitution being shredded as is the case today.

The hardest thing to contemplate is the suspicion that the current malaise that could eventuate in downright chaos has been perpetrated by design. One would hope that Congress, even when its controlling party owns the White House, too, might – just might – eschew collective self-interest long enough to bring both itself and the presidency into reality. Since this is not happening, one is forced to believe the worst…collusion leading to national bankruptcy not just financially but in everything from morality to military might.

Obama set the tone during his campaign when he asserted that the Constitution was flawed because it did not allow for the proper distribution – or redistribution – of wealth. This means that he, believing in such redistribution, would be forced to find ways to bypass the founding document that has sufficed for mostly superb governance since 1791. Indeed, Obama has become a multimillionaire within the context of that Constitution without losing any freedoms or abridging the freedoms of others.

By definition, governmental allotting of wealth demands a socialist or communist system to bring it off. This is hard to do when the populace is prosperous so the prosperity must be foreclosed, even if it takes a while to bring that off. The fastest way to get it done is to bring large segments of the population to the point of losing everything – homes, jobs, cars…everything tangible. This approach is in process.

The Congress – with an overwhelming democrat majority in both houses – has just failed to pass another unemployment-compensation bill. Did the president make a pronounced effort to get this passed? Why wouldn’t he do that…if he didn’t? The only thing worse than having not quite enough money to make it (unemployment benefits) is to not have any money at all, thus forcing total welfare-ism…soup-line stuff reminiscent of the 1930s. This is the fastest way to put enough people on the dole to engender serious introductions to socialism, the state as nanny.

Taxing both people and businesses beyond reasonable limits is another way to force socialism into the picture. Again, the president set the tone for this approach during his campaign when he stated emphatically that in his presidency electricity rates would SKYROCKET. The vehicle to bring this off would be cap-and-trade, and the House democrats (plus only eight of 178 republicans) obliged over a year ago by passing the proper legislation, not that any of the legislators had read the bill or had the slightest understanding of it.

What were they thinking? Either they had an agenda or they weren’t thinking. The legislation would effectively shut down especially small-business entrepreneurs who provide most jobs. The Senate is letting the House slowly twist in the wind on this one, the “smell factor” simply too strong. Citizens would be adversely impacted by both small- and large-business since manufacturers would simply pass the tax along to the consumer, assuming that business operators decided to chance anything during an administration that is essentially hell-bent on shutting them down.

A large underclass is also helpful in bringing about socialism. This is especially true in situations where armed revolution or insurgency is not possible, such as was possible in Russia in 1917. The best underclass example might be the impoverished Germany post WWI, just ripe for the invitation from Hitler to join his version of socialism or fascism. The people simply figured they had nothing to lose, so joined the fun.

Is it any wonder that Obama, besides not insisting on enforcement of extant immigration laws, is colluding with Attorney General Holder to try to stop Arizona from trying to extract itself from the largely drug-driven and dangerous parade of illegals from Mexico? The immigrants would add to the nation’s underclass – the voting class with respect to the Democrat Party. Obama’s goal is blanket amnesty. Add the recipients to the welfare class largely engendered by the civil-rights legislation of the 1950s-60s – a totally unintended and unexpected result of the right legislation – and the votes are automatic for socialism.