The president has acknowledged publicly that the election of republican Scott Brown to the Senate has thrown a monkey-wrench into the “greater society” plans he and his partners in crime in the Congress have formulated for the country, although “formulated” is hardly the right term to describe what they’ve done since they’ve all ridden off in all directions at once, meaning that they are going nowhere together, i.e., no “formulation,” only chaos.

The president is indeed a slow-learner. After the Senate joined the House in coming under control of the republicans in 1995, President Clinton was smart enough to say to the citizens, “We hear you,” or words to that effect, and then he began paying attention to plain, common sense in government. Contrarily, President Obama has indicated that he needs to explain things better to the citizens, i.e., he needs to speak more loudly and more often, as if either is actually possible. A rundown of his mega-number of speeches, town-hall meetings, interviews (rarely with Fox News, of course), Sunday-morning talk-fests, etc. is stupendous. That’s not even to mention his apparatchiks’ multitudinous appearances at every opportunity on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, or the ramblings of the coastal print-rags spouting the Obama line.

This is scary. The president has taken a “school-marm” approach to the public. Obviously an elitist, he’s condescending to the hoi-polloi, deigning to make the average John Doe listen-up or else. He traveled out to Ohio after that disastrous setback and went back into campaign mode before a friendly crowd, though, actually, he’s been in nothing but campaign mode ever since 2006. He still suffers under the illusion that he can charm his way to his objectives, though in his recent forays into everywhere from Copenhagen to Virginia, New Jersey, and, of course, Massachusetts, he’s been thoroughly repudiated by a public tired of being “talked-down-to.”

Photo-ops and TV appearances (those people who form various types of paparazzi) are used, actually manipulated, so he can either try to make a point or take everyone’s mind off whatever thorny issue he can’t handle. He took on Wall Street (again) after that Massachusetts election – always good for getting the dummies out in the boondocks fired-up, not to mention forgetting un-pleasances like Scott Brown – to let them know he was coming after them. Despite all of his bluster for months, the bankers and other fat cats have kept right on paying their huge bonuses and are now turning in huge profits, thanks to the bailout that arguably never should have happened (blame Bush, too).

The fat cats, aided by nutcase demands by Congress, such as encouraging people to buy houses they couldn’t afford while putting the arm on financial institutions to make it possible, are smarter in a minute than Obama is in a year. Or...could he just be in collusion? After all, he had no problem with appointing tax-cheats to high offices. Paying citizens $4,000 to buy cars they didn’t need and destroying the trade-ins that others actually DID need is another example of voodoo economics, not to mention all the “green” evils (manmade climate wreckage) that destroying the cars did not affect at all because this wreckage simply doesn’t exist.

In the face of well-documented proof that manmade global warming is a hoax, notwithstanding the intrepid Al Gore’s weird and discounted claims, Obama went to Copenhagen to beat a dead horse and came away with nothing except some high-flown rhetoric claiming that next year something absolutely will be done about this evil that doesn’t exist. Add that to his apologies all around for the very existence of this mean old country and it’s easy to see why people have had it up to here.

In the month that Martin Luther King’s name is constantly before the public, especially as connoting equal OPPORTUNITY for everyone, which translates to just the opposite of slavery, President Obama is attempting to put the whole country back on the plantation, with the massa (government) as either “big daddy who knows best” or “Simon Legree, who threatens with every tax imaginable”...and this stinks. His solution so far is to kick a campaign guru back into action to try to make the “spin” take hold. He’s blowing in the wind. Campaign-time is over.