The war is on, the word is out,
For too long virtue…too much clout,
The time is now to let bars down,
Disparage every moral clown,
Let nothing be aberrant now,
Let anything one may avow
To be all right, be viewed as norm,
So what if that creates a storm
With goodie-goodies everywhere,
One’s freedom means nothing to share,
And compromise is for the weak
Who view all mores as they seek
For freedoms to be crutches for
An innocence long gone…no more.

The nation is awakening,
Indeed, it is discovering
That all is relative and not
Confined to any moral slot,
This does not mean that righteousness
Is not all right for those who mess
With other people’s business,
Just that they dare not use duress
To work their sanitary will
And cause some legislative bill
To mandate right or punish wrong,
Somehow defeat the siren song…
The siren song, despite that crowd,
Is just what freedom has endowed.

The body is not sacred – no –
Despite evangelists who throw
The Bible at the world and say
It is God’s temple…well, hurray!
It is a bunch of corpuscles,
Like other mammals, has muscles
To use for work, to use for play
In any way that one might say,
It is a person’s own outfit,
With not another just like it,
To use however one desires
For good or ill or passion’s fires,
And when some charge it used not well,
Just simply tell them, “Go to hell.”

Let freedom ring throughout the land,
Let body-users understand
That anything done with consent
Is okay, says the government,
So sodomy, fellatio
Are normal now, as uses go,
The president has said as much –
Men wedding men to prove all such!
Why punish incest…just some fun
That parents earn by having done
Their part expanding human race
As their egos by spawn displace?
Yes…ego’s content reigns supreme –
All else a goodie-goodie scheme.

Hail hedonism as it rules
All hearts and minds…teach it in schools,
The nation is now ripe for this,
Abortions prove the deep abyss
That separates the dull and fun
Has now been bridged not by the gun
But by society diverse
In beating back the goodness-curse.
Let marriage die…its time has gone,
Let lust, not love, now see the dawn
Of new sophisticated norms,
The sensuous as new reforms…
In short, the now reformed ethos
Is worship of the god…eros.

The Greeks and Romans had it right,
Let orgies mark the day and night,
What profit is an abstinence
From titillation’s dominance
Of all society’s preference
For things that brook no consequence? –
At least a consequence soon felt,
Live for the Now, let fears all melt,
Let future ones care for themselves,
Let current ones live life that delves
Into the things unnatural,
The things some term…wormwood and gall!
Hail hedonism as it rules
The world of all elitist fools!