Obama's Houseboy - Sharpton

I've seen some disgusting political posturing in my time but none more egregious than the picture flashed on TV the other day of the Rev. (maybe Dr. by now) Al Sharpton comfortably seated across the table from President Obama in that much-ballyhooed session dealing with the war currently going on, as the president would have it, between U.S. police departments and black folks. Sharpton had just returned from his glorious rabble-rousing in Ferguson, culminating in about 25 or so small businesses burned out or burned completely down by—yep—black folks, a marvelous victory. No one from Ferguson was invited to the clambake.

Avaricious Al, who might abscond at any time without paying a hotel or restaurant bill, is one of the president's favorite corruption-parasites vis-a-vis both the federal and New York governments. He has the self-enriching habit of collecting income and social security taxes from employees in his National Action Network but never remitting them to the respective government treasuries. Known as “Always Available Al” when demonstrations are in order anywhere and any time, he lives very well and also conducts an inconsequential clambake on MSNBC, the network known—like the Marine Band—as the “President's Own.”

At last count according to the New York Times just last month, Reverend Ripoff owes the U.S. government a cool $3.6 million and the state of New York another $916,000, for a total robbery of the taxpayers of $4,516,000, but this two-bit crook sits across the table from the president to sit in judgment on policemen, not to mention his felony-conviction for fraudulently accusing a New York policeman and prosecutor (law enforcement folks) of the rape of Tawana Brawley in 1987. The whole thing was a hoax, euphemism for LIE; otherwise, Sharpton could have been accused if a rape had taken place.

By contrast, consider the IRS treatment of legendary singer Willie Nelson, a white guy. In 1990, poor Willie owed the feds $16.7 million. In the process of collecting, the IRS took almost everything Nelson owned, including his Texas ranch and 20 properties in four states. That still didn't pay off the debt, so Nelson struck a deal with the IRS to share the proceeds from his album “Who'll Buy My Memories,” which brought the IRS another $3.6 million, still not quite enough but Nelson settled a lawsuit against Price Waterhouse and completed some other projects to make up the rest. The debt was cleared in 1993.

Estimated to be worth about $5 million, Stingy Sharpton could pay off his debt...or the IRS, instead of looking up the records on other folks and furnishing them to the White House, could collect just as it did concerning Nelson. That won't happen while Obama is president, so the taxpayers can just eat cake while the man who helped instigate the fires of Ferguson preens in the White House and hobnobs with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and the other glitterati.

So far, it appears that Action-packed Al has not been able to induce looting and burning in New York City and other cities, having to do with another police matter, but perhaps he just hasn't had the time to sufficiently fire up the troops. The protesters are in place and are—no doubt at his bidding or at least approval—trying to bring things to a standstill in their locations. Or...could it be that the president hinted to the righteous, ravenous reverend that now is not the time to slander New York's finest, since New York Mayor de Blasio has already publicly thrown all NYC policemen under the bus...where they belong, of course.

The righteous rev, Obama and Holder got all heated when black teenager Trayvon Martin was killed by a Latino they thought was a white guy while banging the man's head against a sidewalk in Sanford, Florida, in 2012 and Holder sent in the troops to convict the victim/shooter, who was found innocent. They didn't bother to notice when another black teenager, De'Marquise Elkins, shot a white woman twice in Brunswick, Georgia, in March last year and shot her 13-month old baby, Antonio West, to death as he lay in the stroller she was pushing. No white people burned any buildings or looted any stores. Sanctimonious Sharpton was simply the wrong color to stir up some action among the uncivilized whites in Georgia.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark