Light-brown, Articulate, Clean!

Considering the “friends” President Obama has, he certainly has no need of enemies. During his campaign for the presidency, Jesse Jackson was caught on a live microphone expressing a desire to castrate Obama, not exactly the wish of a bosom buddy, but...hey, cut Jackson some slack. At least, he wasn’t making a racist remark, only a biological one, so what could be wrong with that? Besides, Jackson apologized all over the place, so hugs and warm fuzzies were enjoyed all around.

But along comes Senate Majority Leader Reid and remarks that Obama is sort of...well, John Lewis-lite or Al Sharpton-lite. In other words, Obama could be examined for the presidency because – unlike Lewis and Sharpton – he not only was light-skinned (light-brown like the hair of Stephen Foster’s dream about Jeanie) but was multi-lingual, having become articulate in both English and ebonics. As Foster would have it, Obama could be seen as borne, like a vapor, on the summer air, tripping where the bright streams play, and happy as the daisies that dance on his way. At least, Reid didn’t accuse him of waltzing on the Potomac, but Obama no doubt sees flowers withering, not dancing, with Reid as a hovering toxic vapor – worse than CO2.

Or...take Reid via Foster’s words in the last verse and compare them with Obama now: his light form straying far from the fond hearts round his native glade, where smiles have vanished and his sweet songs flown, flitting like the dreams that have cheered but are gone. Obama has strayed far from his base (far lefties like Bill Ayers), not even closing Gitmo yet, with no certain date for same, and leaving the Hollywood crowd with their tongues hanging out but at least making them unable to scream any longer about Iraq/Afghanistan, thus turning their dreams into nightmares. His sweet songs of socializing the country are falling on deaf ears outside San Francisco and Massachusetts...vanishing.

Limbaugh played a clip on 11 January of Hillary Clinton attempting ebonics in a black church somewhere during her campaign...hilarious...absolutely no style, not even close. And then there was that alleged remark about Obama by Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy during the campaign, to wit, "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee." But...cut old Bill some slack. After all, he was the first black president (maybe sort of pale-Caucasian) and made it known that he felt everyone’s pain.

And then there’s that other friend, one so close that Obama picked him to ride shotgun and live in that veep mansion for at least four years. Joe Biden waxing eloquent about Obama during the 2008 campaign: "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." So...Jackson, Sharpton and (gasp) Martin Luther King, Jr., were never mainstream, even though the two former actually ran for the presidency and the latter actually changed history.

Okay...Biden also said “jobs” is a three-letter word and that bankruptcy could be erased by spending and that people should avoid riding subways in order to dodge swine flu, so why should one be surprised at anything he says? Cut him some slack? No! Biden holds the second-slot office in the land and implied that most African Americans are unable to speak coherently and are dull, dirty and ugly. That’s racism, but Biden can get away with it because he belongs to the party of sophistication, the same party to which Obama belongs but, for reasons known only to himself, relieved the Senate of this racist and placed him where he could do even more significant damage if anything happened to the president.

The democrat menagerie plays the racist card all the time. It has a “plantation” mentality with regard to African Americans. It promises them the moon, but it was actually the republicans who gave them the moon back in the 60s, not the democrats, who were obstructionists extraordinaire. The rightness or wrongness of some of the entitlements can be argued, but much of the civil rights stuff has eventuated in the near-total destruction of the black family, an unintended consequence of good intentions. The fact that the blacks march in lockstep with the ilk of Reid and Biden and the Clintons is puzzling to the point of incomprehension.