A Redtape Letter

The Screwtape Letters by the noted British author C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite books. The long letters were written by a man, Screwtape, for the purpose of instructing his nephew, Wormwood, in how to evangelize an ordinary man against God and into following Satan. I’ve been working on a book probably titled The Redtape Letters, including letters from a man, Redtape, instructing his nephew, Gullible, vis-à-vis politics/society and how to guide the nation into socialism. Here is a letter dealing with the so-called Affordable Care Act:

My dear Nephew,

I think I’ve already mentioned the Affordable Care Act and perhaps some things concerning its contents but you may have questions about why it has become a colossal fiasco, seemingly overseen by nincompoops. I’m still wondering why the party that pays very vocal heed to the enemy has been strangely almost quiescent in that it has raised little by way of either ridicule or objections, though, of course, it may have thoughts of simply letting the president twist in the wind over what everyone says is his prime legacy. The short answer is that it either is as incompetent as the president is encouraging the citizenry to believe about himself or it secretly likes the plan itself. “Something for nothing” is as attractive to republicans as it is to any other entity. By the time the ACA becomes the elephant in the living-room, most current lawmakers will be drawing the lush pensions they have devised for themselves, so who cares…eh?

The mayhem occurring with the healthcare web-site, the catastrophic roll-out and the entire mess, with doctors having no idea who and where their patients will be, not to mention the millions whose policies have been canceled—never mind that the prez said this would never happen—does not constitute an accident, poor planning or anything not intended. This disarray has been well-planned from the start. The public—sometimes referred to by my people as a collection of dolts—has been fooled into believing that the ACA would guarantee not healthcare exactly but the insurance to pay for whatever healthcare is available when the dust settles. There’s a tremendous difference. Suffice it to say that the objective all along has been to convert the entire public into single-payers. The notion that insurance has ever been important is just that – a notion.

The rubber will hit the road when citizens discover the cost and the unbelievable deductibles connected to the insurance. The doctors will rebel when they discover that the ACA regulators (a whole army of them as well as another army at IRS to ride herd on the citizens who don’t comply) will set their fees and regulate the regimens they construct for treatment (or non-treatment…little joke there). In other words, the system is designed to fail…simply implode as taxes are relentlessly raised to make the ACA affordable, which it never will be. When the implosion takes place, single-payer will be all that’s left. Actually, multitudes of doctors and other health-providers will already have left healthcare by that time. This will exacerbate the failure even more and, obviously, at about this point the nation will be accepting the Force, mostly with gnashing of the teeth, except for people like me and, hopefully, you, the enlightened…and the president, of course, though he will have left office but will be in line to once again take over as the Constitution is rewritten. The members of his party, who never read the ACA legislation and wouldn’t have understood it anyway, actually are quite dumb and have not thought through the chain of events now firmly begun. Those who pay attention to the enemy know what’s happening but are in the minority and, in any event, are weak, weak, weak.

The next shoe to drop has been put off by the prez, who actually pays little attention to the law and has little understanding of it, except that it promises civil unrest, which is necessary to establishing the Force. Though he had no legal right to do it, the prez has put off the “employer mandate” section of the law from January 2014 to January 2015 or later. When this mandate is obeyed, tens of millions of policies will be lost and people might take to the streets. Ordinarily that would not be so bad for moving toward the Force but it would be too early for that now. The ignorant populace still believes in democracy and the military is and will be for some time under civilian control. The president, when he ran the first time, called for a domestic police force equal to the military in resources. If the voters continue his ilk in office…well, you can see.

I hope you’re getting the picture. ACA is vitally important because bringing people’s very health and well-being under control eventuates in bringing them entirely under control. The single-payer concept—inevitable now—means that sick people will not just go to the doctor. Instead, they will go to the government, which will then send them to the doctor it chooses for them unless a regulator decides that the would-be patient is not sick enough to take up a doctor’s time. In discussing this with your friends and (hopefully) fellow organizers, however, do not mention the so-called “death panels,” a particularly sore subject because of some very bad publicity. Old codgers will still get artificial knee-replacements for a long time yet, and a hemlock cocktail is not on the horizon…yet.

I hope you’ve lodged a logical, well-written complaint against that meteorology professor who claimed that Al Gore and the IPCC are well-heeled opportunists who wouldn’t know a rainstorm from a drought. People like him are dangerous because they make people think, an absolute no-no to devotees of the Force. People like me and (hopefully) you DO think but not about what to do FOR people; rather, what to do TO people. That’s the menu to click for POWER.

Your affectionate uncle,

And so it goes.
Jim Clark