Rants & Raves

**Hillary Clinton is now against the trade bill she helped to formulate and promote while she was still secretary of state. The unions don't like it, Bernie probably doesn't like it, so between the unions and socialists (rock and a hard place) she just had to change. The unions carry the water even though they're dying on the vine, a shame because they can do some good things. Problem: They're as corrupt as management.

**NJ Governor Christie was talking tough this morning on TV...something about telling the Russians that either they bomb ISIS only or get out of Syria. He didn't say how they would be made to get out but, then, he has no military experience, so what else is new? Presidential candidates who talk war as glibly as that (or stupidly or whatever) need to be ignored via speech and ballot-box. Hillary called for a no-fly zone over Syria the other day, such zone now filled with Putin's helicopters and fighters. Obama reacted by saying there's a difference between running for president and being president. For once, he's right.

**The prez is slated to visit families of the recently slain in Roseburg, Oregon, Friday, meaning a trip that's almost completely cross-country—his kind of day to spend on Air Force One and get away from everything for a while. About as many folks are murdered each weekend in Chicago, his hometown, as were killed in Oregon, but he doesn't visit those families each weekend. But, then, Chicago is just a short hop, not worth the trouble. Hopefully, he won't tell the folks in Oregon that their loved ones were killed because of an eleven-minute film made by a mean American about Mohammad. Naw...he'll blame the whole thing on the NRA, the monsters, or Bush 41.

**University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino must be asking, “What's a poor coach to do these days?” The lady who just wrote the book detailing the sex orgies used at UL in one of its dormitories (a sort of publicly-financed frat house) to attract the best high-school athletes has put a huge crimp in the recruiting process. The gals were made available to even the fathers of the recruits for a little roll in the bedsheets, demeaning the boys' mothers, of course, but...hey... basketball is big in Kentucky. One wonders how many other universities do the same thing. Only the shadow knows, but some other folks might be crawling out of the woodwork soon, especially if profitable lawsuits are contemplated, as they might be by John Edwards-type lawyers out for a big caper.

**Christie said the other day that 300,000 have now died in Syria, but didn't say how he got that information, which may be nowhere near the truth. He also called for a no-fly zone (didn't say how to enforce it, as if Obama could or would...he's not that dumb), so as president he would say to Putin, “Bring it on.” Crazy! Trump says to let Putin destroy ISIS and just get out of the whole mess. That makes sense. Russia left Afghanistan in a shambles at the end of the 80s, and the U.S. is leaving Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in a shambles currently. Do these politicians have any sense of history? No! The Middle East is a place to go to get a nation's nose bloodied, with nothing to show for its efforts but loss of life and treasure.

**Old Joe may get in the race pretty soon...or not. But, puh-l-e-e-z-z-e, Joe, don't say it's because your late son wanted you to do it. That may be good for the “highly sensitive” (politically correct warm-fuzzy-huggers), but not for anyone who thinks occasionally. You would be Obama's third term, as would Hillary, but U.S. citizens are becoming acclimated to the welfare state now so even Bernie Sanders would have a chance. With you in the mix, though, the looming democrat debate would be an even finer circus. So, don't say, “It ain't so,” Joe.

**ISIS honchos are more clever than a monkey. Whilst setting up the future world-ruling Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, they are driving all the Muslims possible into Europe to therefore extend the Caliphate to strong/rich/developed nations without firing a shot. Muslim women/men out-breed the Europeans by about 3:1, so there's the painless (except for the women) answer. France will be known as Little Algeria and Germany as Sharia-on-the-Rhine. They out-breed U.S. couples by about 2.5:1, so that's something to consider when 200,000 arrive, as Obama/Kerry would have it, though the newcomers might “evolve” (Obama's term) into trading having kids for the “good life,” as is the case in this country.

**FLASH! In the p.m. News, UL President Ramsey and Athletic Director Jurich appeared to say they are INVESTIGATING that evil stuff the woman wrote about. They did not appear with Coach Pitino to say all three were investigating, and Pitino also appeared by himself to caterwaul about the problem. Translation: The prexy and the AD have appointed themselves as the fox to investigate the hen-house, meaning that Ricky Babe is on his own and slated as the scapegoat. Ramsey knocked down a cool $1.67 million in income this year, while Jurich manages a yearly stipend of $1.41 million. These guys are not about to give that up. Of course, Pitino makes much more...so let him take the heat and possible pink slip. Ramsey feuds with his board over his salary as a matter of course, so what else is new with the Card-house. Corruption, thy name is UL.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark