Racism in the White House?

The subject of racism has been much in the news of late. No lesser light than Jimmy Carter has heaved and strained and delivered himself of the opinion that white folk are against President Obama’s initiatives simply because they are racists. This means, course, that most Congress-people who can’t see Obama’s health-care plan (whatever it is, if anyone knows) are racists because they are mostly white folk. It means that most of the military is racist because it is made up predominately of white folk. It means that all conservatives are racists because they are mostly white folk.

Carter doesn’t include himself as a racist, of course, even though he’s white; rather, he considers himself wise enough to point out the actual racists – white folk...just those without his moral ethic, of course, probably the majority? The president has disavowed Carter’s sentiments, probably not least because he understands how un-racist the country is, having elected him over both a white woman and a white man. He probably understands, too, that Carter is immaterial to most people, thus his pronouncements are considered loony-tunes, just as his presidency was.

Whoa! If Carter’s wrong, then where are the racists these days? They’re occupying high places in government, for starters. And...surprise, surprise, they might just be black folk! One mustn’t say that, of course, because it’s so...well, politically incorrect. Just a minor example – okay, nitpicking – could have been Obama’s remark a few weeks ago that some white Massachusetts policemen acted “stupidly.” They were just doing their job, as it turns out, though the prez at the time did admit that he was a bit “biased.” Biased? Egad! Is that another name for prejudiced or (gasp) racist?

A better example involves Attorney General Eric Holder. Obama promised in the spring this year that there would be no further investigations into CIA personnel or actions regarding alleged unlawful acts in interrogating terrorists. After all, that subject had been thoroughly visited and reported on years ago. So...why would Holder, a black official, want to bring up the subject again? Could it be because the matter was connected to the administration of President George Bush, a white man? One can also be certain that the vast majority of people working in the CIA are white folk...so, is Holder exhibiting racism? If it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck, then...

Or could it be that Obama is more racist than Holder? Why would he allow Holder to break his (the president’s) promise? After all, seven former CIA directors who served in both democrat and republican administrations have just requested of the president that he forestall Holder’s actions in the interests of national security. Current CIA Director Panetta has also made it plain that no such investigations should be opened. The reasons are obvious, not least among which is the simple fact that no intelligence agency in the world will work with the CIA again, fearing that all their agents would be placed in peril and their operational methods exposed. Of course, the eight directors are all white folk...so...

About 74% of the U.S. population is made up of white folk, meaning that they form the largest ethnic group to be protected by the president from terrorists. Only a reverse-racist would think of letting that fact impinge upon his duties...right? Well...one has to wonder. The man most hated by folk of Obama’s persuasion is George Bush, a white guy, so getting revenge could be Holder’s primary motive...perhaps his only motive, but only indirectly since the direct responsibility is the president’s. Are these two men racist enough to risk the nation’s safety by leaning on the already-investigated CIA? Bush and most of the population are white, after all.

Racism is defined as: “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” The social engineers always classify racism as inherently a “white” attribute. One wonders. Does the president consider himself sufficiently superior now to those of other ethnicities that he can work his will against the judgment of the eight WHITE men who have been directly responsible for decades for the protection of the citizens from those worldwide powers (and there are multitudes of them) that mean this nation harm? If so, could he be the greatest racist of them all? After all, he sat for twenty years and listened to one of the nation’s premier racists, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, whose message was about as anti-white as possible. But it’s like the prez said – “We won.”