News Conference as CAMPAIGN

After having virtually sworn never to suffer through another one, I watched the president’s “news conference” on the 22nd. There were few questions (no time) since Obama stretched each non-answer to the limit, so full of himself was he that he, perhaps inadvertently, just rambled. He has given a new eloquence to the elongated elocution of the word and.

Obviously, he had no idea of what was in the health bill in the House and made it plain that it was up to the Congress to develop his ideas into law…a committee of 435? Egad! Neither do the House members have an idea because they haven’t read the bill yet, not that it matters since it changes every day. They passed the stimulus bill (just the democrats, actually) without having read that $787 billion worth of pork-barrel, either. Ditto for the energy bill, which had hundreds of pages added during the night before the vote was held and was well over a thousand all told, if memory serves. Hopefully, the Senate will take some time on all these measures and make some sense out of what the president is trying to do, assuming there’s any logic, to begin with.

The entire wasted evening was devoted to health-care, with absolutely nothing new to report, so the exercise was by way of campaigning for something the public is now rapidly turning against, if the polls are correct. We still remember Hillary’s “schematic,” featuring the unfathomable maze a patient had to figure out and traverse to get to a doctor or hospital, and have also seen the “schematic” for what is said to be in the current House bill, with layers of bureaucracy forming a barrier between the ailing and the helping. Scary!

The thing the insiders never get around to is the fact that close to 87% of Americans already have health insurance, assuming the uninsured at 40 million. Republicans have tried in vain to make corrections in health delivery, but democrats, Obama in the forefront in his Senate votes, have blocked everything. One good adjustment would involve cutting down (okay, capping) awards for pain and suffering, which can’t be quantified financially anyway. This would drive down insurance costs significantly, but the Congress is made up primarily of lawyers, so that won’t happen. The ABA is the spine of the Democrat Party, inhabited by the main pigs at the trough. There’s no argument with insurance companies having to pay actual costs for medical procedures, but to be skinned for something that cannot be priced is unthinkable.

The objective of Obamessiah and his minions is to get complete control of the health industry, which would amount to 17% of the entire economy. Already owning about half or more of the auto industry and owning or controlling the nation’s largest financial institutions, as well as Freddie/Fannie, and the Federal Reserve, the government aims to soon own enough of the economy to actually own the people.

Obama’s problem is that he doesn’t realize that the country is not made up entirely of simpletons, but is made up of people who pay attention to the socialized medicine of all other countries and understand that this is not the way to go and never will be. Even he understands that his “reform” has no chance of passage in the near term and that, as the facts come out little by little, no possibility, at least in its present alleged form, of being passed at all – shades of Hillary and her mountains of bureaucracy and red-tape a la Russia or England and especially Canada, right next door, where waiting lines for treatment force those who can afford it to come to this country. Those who can’t are simply told to “just eat cake” and live with misery until they can get help or die, whichever comes first.

I’m a blue-collar retiree. The medical expenses, including the multiplicity of insurance premiums, I incurred in 2008 amounted to 31% of the entire household income. I should LOVE dreaming of government control – the single-payer thing. I don’t, even though nearly a third of what I get goes for medicine, doctors and the like. Socialized anything kills it dead in its tracks. Once the incentive for individuals getting ahead is destroyed, the system is destroyed.

The president waxed passionate at the end of the fiasco, with obviously planted questions, especially the last one from a fellow Chicagoan. Admitting that he didn’t know all the actual details and that the person involved was a friend, he accused the police in Cambridge, Mass., of “acting stupidly” and made the incident, as he has others, into a racial thing. Disgusting!

Obamessiah promised a transformation of government when he was campaigning, and now the elements of that transformation are seen in spades. Bankrupt the nation through whatever means, including government-controlled health-care, and – VOILA! – the government will own the people. The fat cats at the top will be the beneficiaries, and one wonders how long it will take for the government to implode, as the Soviet empire did 20 years ago, when it couldn’t match the U.S. in spending.

Vice President Biden said recently, "We have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt." That just about says it all.