Presidential Arrogance/Ignorance

It’s perfectly obvious now as it was to many then that the antics of president Obama over the last few years with regard to foreign affairs, especially in the Middle East, have been not just ineffective but worthless and witless. In announcing in a well designed flourish of arrogance that leaders of various nations should quit and turn their countries over to whatever outfits could grab and manage them, he placed himself in their predicaments since the same thing could happen to him if the Tea partiers, for instance, ginned up a lot of support and rose against him.

Imagine massacres like those in Damascus in outlying McLean, Virginia, and mortar shells landing on Pennsylvania Avenue, especially if the prime ministers of England, Germany and France called for him to get out of Dodge and let the cowhands with the six-shooters have it. They might even decide to whom to give those pistols, like Obama crazily did concerning Libya.

Think Egypt’s Mubarak, Yemen’s Saleh, Libya’s Qaddafi and Syria’s Assad. Each of these nations is in much worse shape now than before the president applied the “Obama Doctrine.” In the case of Libya, Obama saw to Qadaffi’s murder personally, and that benighted nation is now a society in hopeless shambles wallowing in bloodshed, with cutthroats from its well established al Qaeda vipers’ nest spreading Islamic jihad throughout sub-Saharan Africa, murdering especially Christians at will.

None of these nations posed a threat to the U.S., but their insurgents – fully expecting to be armed by the U.S. on the basis of Obama’s disastrous pronouncements – had no idea that Obama was all wind and no fury. Even more disappointing was Senator McCain’s visits to places like Libya and Lebanon to “discover” the grand revolutionists to whom weapons could be safely awarded. Obama made the tragic error of giving millions of dollars worth of weapons to the Morsi government in Egypt, a snake-pit inhabited by the murderous Muslim Brotherhood and justifiably overthrown by the “people,” who recognized Obama as the friend of their enemy and therefore their enemy.

Obama’s disdain of the U.S. Constitution has been well demonstrated, as in the case of his unprovoked personal war against Libya, a sovereign nation, without even a consultation with Congress. Now, he acts illegally in changing Obamacare on practically a daily basis, nullifying provisions set in law. His apparent lack of historical perception, however, is simply astonishing.

He seems not to understand, for instance, that Syria’s Assad is doing what Lincoln did in 1861—attempting to preserve a nation and its government. The result was an unbelievable amount of American bloodshed…some 625,000 Union and Confederate military dead, not to mention tens of thousands of soldiers maimed for life and civilians turned into refugees in their own country.

Obama was actually considering entering the Syrian conflict and might even have made that horrendous mistake but for Russia’s Putin backing Assad in the interest of preserving the government (and Russian interests) but destroying (at least allegedly) Syria’s WMD. Much of that weaponry is surely well-hidden, and Putin probably knows where. Result: Syria still has a government, albeit with bloodshed, but is not under the sword of Islam jihad-freaks and vicious tribal chiefs, as is the case in Libya.

The Middle East has far less stability now than when the “Obama Doctrine” was brought forth. How much better would it have been if Obama had either kept his overworked and under-educated teleprompters shut down…or, perish the thought, actually helped Qaddafi fight al Qaeda, which is what the Libyan president claimed he was doing? How much carnage would have been spared if he had not tried to unseat Assad, giving weapons and carte blanche to grossly unpredictable tribal chiefs to be as murderous as the Syrian army?

Historians will make judgments down the line but it’s perfectly obvious in real time that this president has destroyed this nation’s credibility regarding the perception held by people in other nations. Once the envy of the world in education, innovation, manufacturing, wealth, democratic philosophy, religious orientation, defense and stability, the U.S. teeters on the brink of bankruptcy in domestic/world affairs, lacking the necessary morality and consequent integrity necessary to “doing the right thing.”

It’s sad to watch any nation futilely fight decline. It’s much sadder to watch one’s own not even fight, with leadership so vapid as to be essentially nonexistent.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark