Prexy...2001 Version

The prexy flew away today,
He does the same most every day,
He rides for free on Air Force One…
Reminds again…he said, “We won!”

He claims his work is never done
But leaves it on his desk undone
And claims to listen on those trips
But mostly rants with loads of quips.

His caucus fusses, fumes and fights –
Those Congresspersons feel his slights
And, wondering, cry “Uncle Tom,
Do you forget where you are from?”

He once would walk Chicago’s streets
To organize on south-side beats
But then he went to Washington,
Where life is easy…much more fun.

He found that Wall Street was his friend –
Discovered money…without end
And soon forgot those sidewalks bare…
To find him on them would be rare.

His game is redistributing
The wealth, of course, but everything,
Like medicines and plastic hips,
Explains it all in TV-clips.

He bit upon the baited hook
Of planet-savers who mistook
As truth outrageous, silly claims
By frauds that Earth was bound for flames.

And even when the frauds were caught,
Their work with lies so fully fraught,
The prexy would not change his mind,
Would lay harsh tax on all things mined.

The prexy says, “No drilling oil,
Far too unsafe for sky and soil;”
Its products cause grim C-O-2,
The very gas he exhales, too.

The theme was “Change” when he campaigned,
He thought the voters greatly pained
By what they saw – things getting worse –
And promised he would bring reverse.

He thought folks wanted Gitmo gone
And campaign-swore to get it done,
Alas, Gitmo is thriving yet
And will not die…not on a bet!

He thought to try jihadists here,
The biggest show in his career,
Alas, the public rose as one
And said, “No way,”…the public won.

He confiscated many banks
And threatened Ford, which said “No thanks,”
But took G-M and Chrysler, too,
And told the unions, “I love you.”

As if that was not quite enough
To save car-makers from his bluff,
He bribed with billions, making deals,
For trading clunkers for new wheels.

Some folks get sick, some live too long,
Some are obese or weak or strong,
The prexy knew that government
Should change this strange predicament.

And so he brought about healthcare
To see that government would share
Its wisdom with the sick and sore,
But, truth to tell, just call the score.

His grand idea, called stimulus,
Meant billions poured on all of us
To make jobs by the hundred thou –
It bombed and things are much worse now.

Alas! He brought more loss, not gain,
And greatly multiplied the pain –
He promised “Change” and kept his word,
He brought a change that was absurd.

He looked around for things that might
Take notice from his sorry plight,
He called upon his wisest geek,
Who said, “Just bomb a place that’s weak.”

And so he ordered out the planes
And missiles marking skyward lanes
To bomb back to the old Stone Age
The folks in Libya...what a sage!

The order was executive,
He knew that Congress would not give
Consent to bomb a sovereign state –
Kill innocents, both soon and late.

The Libyans never posed a threat,
Not then, not now, nor ever – Yet
They were the choice since they were weak –
The strategy…attack the meek.

And so the prexy proved his strength
By bombing Libya, width and length,
Announced it on vacation trip –
Brasilia…a deadly quip.

So now in Libya chaos reigns,
The liberated with new pains,
Disaster throughout all the land
Account the prexy’s brave new stand.

The prexy’s aim – revitalize
His base to help him realize
Another term to finish off
The U-S-A and all who scoff.