POTHOLES & Other Poems

by James L. Clark

     POTHOLES & Other Poems is about lots of things – saints and sinners; good and bad; fidelity and infidelity; wars and those who fight them…the beasts included; POWs and various battles; Islam and the murderous jihad-gangs; manmade global-warming…or not; religion and the pretense to religion; politics and the impolitic; cheats and the good guys; legislators, both good and bad; the president and his czars, Washington-style; the old versus the young; the macho-men and the pretenders; sports and the sporting;socialism/communism/capitalism; the sad and the happy; legislators/lawmakers/law-breakers (there sometimes are no differences); churches and cemeteries; preachers/TV-evangelists/hucksters; radio/TV talking-heads; atheism/agnosticism/Islam and Judeo-Christianity; personalities, perverted and otherwise; mortality and immortality; predestination/foreknowledge and free will; tyrants and heroes; contemplation and chaos. The verses are presented as structured poetry and free verse but the vast preponderance incorporate rhythm and rhyme. They are not sing-song, mostly deal with serious subjects, and are designed to make a point or at least provoke thought, the antithesis of purposeful obfuscation.

The book will be available in a few weeks at Amazon and by request at bookstores but is available now at Lulu Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-105-58509-8.