Post-Primary Shenanigans

There are times when TV actually provides a service, especially considering the depths into which it has plunged in recent hears with the reality shows, nutcase programs like The View, and the new CBS glorification of two guys slugging, kicking, and otherwise knocking the brains out of each other. A case in point regarding a service is the airing of the opportunism, marked by an unbelievable shallowness, and the sheer silliness of Clinton and Obama in the wake of the Obama nominee success secured at Clinton's expense (and some eleven million big ones…probably much more by now).

The next-to-latest: that mysterious meeting on the evening of 05 June in Washington while all the reporters cooled their heels at the all the wrong places as O & C held a political tryst in "some secluded rendezvous – OLE!" What was the discussion about? Nobody knows or thinks he knows or hasn't yet heard the inevitable leak or made up a yarn and sold it as political sagacity, Dan Rather style, in other words. Perhaps the old CBS hatchet-man will discover a floppy disk in the computer of Senator Feinstein, the host (don't dare say hostess, for the obvious reason) of the tete-a-tete, as it turned out, and accuse Obama and Clinton of not reporting for duty in the Senate for two years, thus making an effort to catch-on with some republican outfit.

The latest: the stem-winding valedictory speech of the seventh in Washington by Senator Clinton, in which she extolled her virtues (now 40 years in public life instead of the 35 mentioned tirelessly in the campaign) ad infinitum, ad nauseam but did manage a few plugs for Obama. Having led Obama by double digits in the polls for months on end, she eventually lost the fight and explained in her speech that it was BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN, thank you very well, Barack. She made it plain that ethnicity trumped womanhood. When she finally got around to Obama, she mentioned him and her in tandem constantly as leading this great campaign, the obvious inference being that she expects to be the vice president, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, thank you very well, Barack.

This performance pointed up the inordinate state-celebrations held after the primaries. All the candidates seemed to delight in these exercises, using them as PR ploys to bear on the next effort. Actually, they represented egos so big that most arenas had to be huge to squeeze in the requisite number of hangers-on. It would be interesting to know how much money was wasted on these extravaganzas. Campaigning has now become a fulltime occupation, the Senate responsibilities only for the timid non-campaigners.

The parley in Washington at the Feinstein digs on the fifth pointed up the fact that the hardest-pressing democrats – especially the women – are determined to tell Obama exactly what he will do and with whom he will do it. It's as if the winner is actually the loser because he has no say-so in what it's all about. He's held hostage especially by the gals who have threatened to vote McCain just out of sheer spite. Instead of making his merry way to Chicago, as he said he intended to do for the weekend, he wound up dickering with Hillary probably over just what he can and can't do to placate her feminatics and thus win in November. He blinked, in other words, a very public show of a very pronounced weakness. In her valedictory, Hillary lorded her inordinate importance over the hapless, naïve Obama.

For his part, McCain is far too hung-up on the alleged climate-change-caused-by-evil-Americans propaganda propagated by the Gore crowd and actually taken seriously by a bunch of addle-brained senators. It is instructive, however, that the Senate democrats have tanked the silly global-warming bill advanced by Warner and Lieberman, McCain's favorite democrat (though categorized as an independent voting with the blues). Apparently, the democrats finally began to understand that their bit of greenhouse grandstanding would wreck this country's economy, so they're happy to say they don't have the required 60 votes to do anything and just blame Minority Leader McConnell for the deviltry of it all – those insensitive republicans! McCain needs to listen to the U.S. scientific community and not that of the UN, this country's worst enemy, after the Iraqis.

Senator Boxer speechified on the Senate floor on the sixth with regard to how gas prices have exploded during the Bush years. McCain needs to pick up on this. From 9/11 to 2007 ( about 5.3 years), when the democrats took over Congress, gas prices rose from about $1.70 to $2.30 a gallon, or by about 35%. From then until 08 May while the democrats have ruled the roost for just 16 months, the price average rose to $3.79 a gallon, or by 65%. So…McCain needs to remind the public that the Congress has everything to do with the gas problem, not the president, and that the Democrats managed to see the price go up in just 16 months almost twice as fast as was the case with Bush and the republican Congress in the preceding 64 months. All figures are adjusted for inflation and so are correct.

The mainstreamers will not pick up on the stuff that McCain needs to discuss, such as the above, thus not providing the service they could, out of sheer honesty. They're too busy trying to make the public believe Obama is not an empty suit, though at least NBC seems to have tried successfully to prove Hillary to be an empty pants-suit. It's tough to face the next few mind-numbing months, but such is the quadrennial circus known as a presidential election year.