Should UAE Run the Ports?

The two main attack dogs of the Democrat Party, Senators Clinton and Schumer of New York, have tried to inordinately eviscerate each other in their mad “dogfight” to see who could most quickly manipulate the “ports affair” to electoral advantage. Both have spoken entirely off the top of their heads and have no clue as to the background concerning the administration’s decision not to pull out of its current agreement with a British company that operates six U.S. ports in the wake of its being sold to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates.

Neither of the senators had the good sense to look at the matter from all angles or to wait a few moments and see if the administration could make a reasonable presentation of the matter. Knee-jerk reaction for purely political purposes is their modus operandi. Schumer, as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has most recently frothed at the mouth over being steamrolled by Roberts and Alito on their way to the Supreme Court, so he is ticked big-time, anyway. Clinton is a chronic whiner who probably sees her vivid personal and political unattractiveness as something to be overcome by anything that will deflect attention from it. These two partners in crime have been aided and abetted, however, by a gaggle of republicans and democrats alike who also have let the clutch out on their mouths before getting their brains in gear.

As it happens, the proper governmental agencies have been looking at the matter for some time. The notion that Bush and both the Defense and State departments lack the ability to see through the entire spectrum of the matter is off the wall. This is not to say that the deal will go through. It is to say that the reasons for staying in the arrangement are bound to be better than those for getting out. The screamers have given as a reason for eschewing the arrangement the fact that one of the WTC hijackers was from the UAE; however, they don’t mention that Timothy McVeigh, the terrorist who blew up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, was born in Pendleton, N.Y., and raised in that area near Buffalo. Does that mean that no entity in New York can be trusted? “Shoe-bomber” Richard Reid was born in London, but does that mean that Tony Blair’s government can’t be trusted? Zacarias Moussaoui, the supposed 20th hijacker of 9/11 now in the sentencing phase resulting from his guilty plea, was born in France, so is France never to be trusted again?

Since Reid and Moussaoui are Muslims, perhaps they can be remarked as posing a question as to whether or not any Muslims or Muslim-run nation can be trusted. This is a legitimate question, but it doesn’t explain McVeigh or his accomplice, Terry Nichols, who was born in Lapeer, Michigan, and said to be a born-again Christian. The French government and an English member of Parliament (certainly not a Muslim) have been joined at the hip with Koko Annan, son of UN head Kofi Annan, in being in bed with Saddam…so what does it all prove? Nothing.

This country is intricately involved in military affairs with the UAE. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Peter Pace has characterized the military relationship as “superb,” explaining that this country uses UAE ports and airfields for logistical support and for the training of U.S. Air Force pilots, according to As expected, the DOD doesn’t discuss the details of anything…it can’t because some bureaucrat or, more likely, a member of Congress like Senator “Leaky” Leahy or Senator Rockefeller would spread it to the New York Times or the Washington Post so fast that Al Jazeera would pick it up before the morning dailies in this country. Both “spy planes” and unmanned surveillance aircraft have been based in UAE, as well as the huge KC-10 refueling planes that are so critical in keeping fighter-bombers in the air for extended periods. Jebel Ali, the largest manmade harbor in the world, has become a favorite port of Navy ships in the Gulf, and is the most frequented port outside of the United States. This port has become a familiar stop for carrier battle groups while deployed to the Arabian Gulf.

The Strait of Hormuz, separating UAE from Iran, at its narrowest is 21 miles wide, having two 1-mile-wide channels for marine traffic separated by a 2-mile-wide buffer zone, and is the only sea passage to the open ocean for large areas of the petroleum-exporting Persian Gulf states. This fact alone makes UAE one of the most strategic areas of the world, ergo, the fact that it is patently friendly to the United States cannot be overestimated. The only other friendly state in the Middle East is Kuwait, which exists only because Bush 41 kicked Saddam out in 1991. Indeed, those in power in every state on the Arabian Peninsula, including Saudi Arabia and UAE, are in power only because of the Gulf War; otherwise, Saddam and his 400,000-man army would have swept the entire peninsula practically without opposition, since the states thereon could not have even barely withstood the onslaught of the fourth-largest army in the world at that time.

The UAE, almost exactly the size of South Carolina, understands all too well what it means to have the United States as a friend. Just 32,000 square miles in size and with a population of only some 2.5 million, it is one-third the size of England and North Ireland, which have a population of 60.5 million. Or, just 21 miles from UAE is Iran, 20 times larger than UAE with a population of over 68 million. These facts practically dictate that UAE be the closest friend possible to this country, especially with the treacherous bin Laden Wahabism driving the Saudi government and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an absolute idiot, calling the shots in Iran and expecting to have a nuclear device soon, which he has proclaimed his concrete determination to use against Israel. Only a fool would believe that he would stop there.

The Congress – just check out Senator Specter for the repubs and Senator Levin for the dems – is in a sulky snit right now, complaining that the executive branch has too much power…so, as usual, the biggies are clamoring for time-consuming hearings allowing for their neat little speeches and preening before C-Span. Whether senator, representative, or bureaucrat, anyone with walking-around-sense should be able to look at a map and see where strategic interests lie…then, just shut up and contemplate the fact that no further terrorist attacks have occurred since 9/11 in this country. Somebody must be doing something right, and if the learned, professional, military consensus is that UAE is no threat in the running (not the security, which is the Homeland Security’s responsibility) of the ports, then give the administration the benefit of the doubt. This country has the final say on visas and can forbid entry to anyone it chooses. Moreover, having a strong, military presence in the Middle East is vital. The army is already headquartered in Qatar, next door to UAE and located on the Persian Gulf. Now, the navy and air force have an overwhelming presence in UAE.

Would anyone be happy if France had the job…or Germany…or any other “friendly” country, with the possible exception of Great Britain? Of course not! Both of the former are scared out of their wits now by the Muslims, who are gradually taking them over. Indeed, having access to UAE is akin to having access to intelligence-gathering capabilities unparalleled anywhere in the Middle East or in the world – right there in the belly of the Islamic beast. So…give it a chance, whiners. Yeah…okay…it’s an election year, so reasonableness is, ipso facto, passé.