Pope & Prexy

Much has been made of the fact that Pope Francis has become a virtual icon throughout the world since ascending to his lofty denominational position last year, which Catholics sometimes designate “vicar of Christ,” as if a mere man could aspire to such a thing. Vicar is defined as “one serving as a substitute or agent.” The term represents blasphemy to most Christians, who believe Christ defined himself and his mission quite well, as recorded in scripture, and certainly would not countenance a substitute.

Pope Francis presents himself as an humble servant of both God and people, and there's no argument with that. He doesn't live in the plush papal palace among all the riches displayed there but in a more modest dwelling though he lacks for nothing 24/7, with all sorts of folks to carry the water. He presents himself as an advocate for the poor and has made it plain that a capitalistic society, such as in the U.S., does not signify, apparently since the wealth is not redistributed in putting everyone on the same economic level in the nation, with the surplus funds redistributed worldwide.

An economic guru he is not since he doesn't seem to understand that help/service for the poor has to be bought just like everything else and that people must work to provide the capital for helping and that capital is created by people making/doing things, for which activity they are paid so they can eat and work some more. He should understand that people have hugely varying levels of intellect and skills, meaning they will have hugely varying remunerations for what they do – justifiably.

Some believe the Pope is popular for his humility and his chastisement of countries like the U.S. This is doubtful since thousands of famous people are lionized for their charitable works – justifiably. However, the Pope's popularity in the so-called developed nations is for another reason. On a flight back to Rome last year, Pope Francis made this startling remark with regard to the subject of homosexuality: “Who am I to judge?” Homosexuals are a protected species in the U.S., virtually idolized by the intellectual elite. They are practically worshiped in Europe, as well. With that statement, the Pope, besides spitting in his denomination's face, ingratiated himself to nations already on the skids morally. Thus, these words:

The prexy went to see the Pope,
Just happened that he was in Rome,
A photo-op might stir some hope
Since things were going south at home;
Il Papa was a gracious host
But felt no kiss upon his ring
Meant prexy dumb as wooden post
Or feared an Arab-inspired spring
Since he by fiat made new laws,
Would not enforce the ones in force,
Complained of Constitution's flaws
And made czar-rules his tour de force;
This made his disapproval-rate
Increase quite exponentially
But Papal blessings might create
Improvement providentially.

The visit lasted near an hour
So prexy could confess all sin
With still some time to talk of power
The Pope might use against Putin;
Concerning such, the Pope demurred,
Explained his guards used only spears
And that from all that he had heard
A stare by Putin could cause tears.

They also talked of other things
Like homosexuality
And men exchanging wedding rings
And bridal gowns for two...or three;
The Pope said, “Who am I to judge,
Inclusiveness – new liturgy,”
The prexy laughed, gave Pope a nudge
And then a wink or two...or three.

The Pope-and-prexy press machine
Put out the word that they agreed
That inequality was mean
And that the world should just take heed;
Redistribution of the wealth
Of working stiffs should now be done,
They shook on that, drank to their health,
Proclaimed salvation had begun.

And so they posed for photo-op,
Then prexy took his leave apace
And wondered to his secret-cop
If they might find a par-three place
Where he could try his new chip-shot
And maybe then not have to cheat
When next on some fund-raising plot—
Though truth he found hard to repeat.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark