As the president's mentor, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright, would say, “the chickens have come home to roost.” Two NYC policemen were shot dead in cold blood in Brooklyn by a black man without even seeing their assassin on 20 December, the day after the president concluded his “Ladies' Day Christmas Press Conference” with a lecture about what his recently appointed commission that met the other day at the White House for the purpose of straightening out the nation's policemen was about to do. Across the table from him at that conference sat MSNBC's Al Sharpton, the instigator of movements such as the recent one in NYC calling for “dead policemen now.” Within the context of racism (white, of course), Obama cited Ferguson (Brown) and NYC (Garner) as examples of the need to “do something.”

Two white police lieutenants were beaten on Brooklyn Bridge (where else?) on 13 December as “protesters” continued to try to close down NYC at Christmastime, often lying in the middle of intersections, brainwashed into following people like Sharpton, whose latest claim to fame is cheating New York and the IRS out of $4 million. The bosom buddy of the president can get away with this stuff but nobody else had better try it. It was Sharpton, after the Ferguson riots, who promised retaliation for the death of Brown, a two-bit thief high on marijuana killed by a police officer he had attacked in his patrol car and was still trying to kill when he was shot. It was Sharpton who presided over both burnings of Ferguson as “protesters” exercised their right to “chill out” by looting and burning small businesses.

Without knowing any facts, Obama accused a white policeman in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who was simply doing his duty, of “acting stupidly” just days after taking office in 2009, and that seems to have set the tone taken by both him and Attorney General Holder toward policemen. Without knowing any facts, Obama rambled on TV for 20 minutes a few hours after the Brown shooting to essentially declare war on police departments. Without knowing any facts, AG Holder sicced both the Justice Department legal eagles and the FBI on officer Wilson (perhaps to bankrupt him) and the Ferguson Police Department, which had no representation on the president's new commission.

Garner, a huge man who possessed a lengthy rap sheet (31 arrests over 27 years), died as a result of resisting arrest, caught on camera, though his resistance is not noted in the mainstream media, only the actions of the policeman. His was a two-bit racket, too—bootlegging illegal cigarettes and thus depriving taxing agencies of $5.85 per pack. Significantly after the two policemen were killed in Brooklyn, Sharpton immediately spoke in behalf of the Garner family (his idea, for sure) to make it plain that the assassin's use of the names of both Brown and Garner in his instagram noting his projected murders had nothing to do with...what (justice, he said)? It had everything to do with Sharpton, retaliation, and his “protesters.”

The most pathetic and apathetic figure in the police murders was NYC Mayor de Blasio, who only days before had castigated the NYC Police Department as made up of insensitive policemen (actually, the whites, one supposes) badly in need of some sort of training allowing them to feel empathy toward the lawless, not exercising deterrence of their actions. Racism is his hangup and he would have been well-advised to simply avoid appearing with the police commissioner at the press conference held after the murders.

One wonders if the mayor would prefer to have all the black men in New York prisons discharged immediately to pursue their activities again on the streets of his city. It's abundantly obvious that NYC policemen view him with contempt. He went to some pain to throw the entire department under the bus, even using his son's ethnicity to shill his slander. Former NYPD headman Kerik stated on Fox News that he felt that both de Blasio and Sharpton had “blood on their hands.”

Now that Obama, Holder, de Blasio and the two-bit-crook Sharpton, without remotely addressing the actual problems associated with black lawlessness, have whipped the nation into a frenzy against law enforcement it will be interesting to see how they react to their individual perfidies. They've given the green-light to anarchy...open season on the protectors of society. Disgusting!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark