Another Poison-Pen XO

The president is brandishing his “poison pen” again, this time because the insensitive republican-controlled House has failed to follow his rubber-stamp Senate and make the U.S. a veritable paradise for those who may have problems with sexual orientation or gender identity. This new executive order will add the new species to those of other discrimination instruments, which actually have a purpose, such as referencing ethnicity, gender (not identity), creed, etc.

The word is that he has planned for an XO requiring that any entity with federal contracts must not shut out folks who have oriented themselves toward homosexuality or have a problem deciding which of the human species they belong to—male or female, or maybe some other identification. Who knows, in this day of enlightenment? Maybe there's such a thing as male-fem or fem-male (sets of both gender attributes) or human-canine, for instance. The latter might be good in facing veterinarian charges...Obamacare to the max.

So...the prez headlined the LGBT fund-raising gala in New York on 17 June, landing on the roof of (where else?) the Wall Street heliport – lair of the fat cats he has helped to huge bonuses and successes while talking about the sad state of the “middle class,” like Bill Clinton in feeling their pain. To show the extent of his wisdom, he preached to the crowd that Americans finally understand that “love is love.”

What else could love be but love? His speechwriters let him down again, like when they didn't make sure he would pronounce “corpsman” as “corpsman” instead of “corpse-man” in an earlier speech. Don't teleprompters have margins in which to put the proper pronunciations? Does one need reminding that a nickel is a nickel and not a dime? In any case, what does love have to do with federal contractors?

The prez hasn't said when he will actually sign the order but it probably won't be before the November elections, and then he may have second thoughts, though laws/constitutions—federal, state or local—don't seem to mean anything to him. It's actually the business of Congress to make the decisions about mandatory requirements regarding employment. Can anyone imagine President Johnson just signing the civil-rights entitlements into law in 1965?

At Atherton High School in Louisville, Ky., a male student can officially use both the girls bathrooms and locker-rooms because he identifies himself as a girl, presenting no proof other than his own assessment. This is the stuff that Obama has in mind—total unisex. Does the boy have a gender-identity problem (whatever that is)? Of course not. He knows what he is but he's working an angle.

This is what homosexuals and gender-identity people an angle. According to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 700 babies has Downs Syndrome, caused by having an extra “21 Chromosome.” There's no such chromosomal imbalance in people who claim to be homosexual or whatever else they claim to be. They usually scream “genetic predisposition” but no such thing has ever been proven. In doing this, they actually accuse their parents of somehow damning (or uplifting) them to their sexual existence.

The LGBT gang is made up of folks who have decided that they desire sexual perversion as a lifestyle, but demand to be treated as normal. There was a time when they were considered psychologically aberrant. They can “love” each other all they want but they are homosexual by choice and not birth, at least in any significant percentage.

Both Hillary and Barack made fools of themselves pandering to the LGBT crowd in 2008 (Biden took a pass), but by 2012 Barack had “evolved” into the belief that homosexual practices are just great, hence the continued pandering eventuating in his new edict. The term for this is “debauchery institutionalized.” He may think his legacy has to do with healthcare but historians will tag him the “Debauchery President,” who led the nation into immorality.

The liberals' hero is Plato, a self-confirmed homosexual, pedophile, pederast. What has Greece been since his time?

And so it goes.
Jim Clark