Perversionism Joins Feminism

The nation has been plowing its way through the “Age of Feminism” for a few decades now, with the ladies gradually taking over (or at least attempting to so do) just about everything from construction jobs to the legal profession (especially the courts) to the medical system to the military. Men, fearing the charge of chauvinism or insensitive brutishness or gender-racism, have watched slack-jawed, instinctively refusing to fight what they see in some ways as ruinous, militarily, for instance.

Nearly every activity in national life has had its “first woman” featured prominently in the media, just as the case with the “first black man” or the “first black woman,” as if these people previously had been dumb non-entities. Though demeaning, the ladies and the others apparently see it as making them special, deserving every accolade and anything else connected to their “firsts,” often collected through lawsuits against…yep…evil men, 99% white.

The beat goes on with the women, but there’s now a new “age”—the “age of perversionism [admittedly sic…and sick].” For instance, the first “gay guy” to be mayor of Lexington, Ky., was big news four years ago, when he spent a million of his own dollars to buy the post and is preparing to spend at least that much again. It’s the “age of the homosexual,” a special breed of humanoid and discoverer of unbelievably exotic ways to use body orifices an eighth-grader understands to be…strange.

Just as the ladies and blacks have become protected species, homosexuals have achieved that exalted status, at least as evaluated by the “mainstream media,” the Hollywood elites and their favorite manipulative bureaucrat—Barack Hussein Obama, who has indelibly stamped his imprimatur on the superiority of these beings in their proving that anal- and oral-sex are extraordinary, notwithstanding the filthiness involved.

Anachronistic and s-o-o-o provincial? Yeah, the homage paid to perverts makes the previous recognition of their “quaintness” as being foul and in violation of both decency and biology so unsophisticated. The powers-that-be had to close the toilets in a public park in my town once because these neo-sophisticates had appropriated them to do their thing, thus providing a public service in educating the children who might wander in.

The prez, who said five years ago that marriage was possible between only a man and woman, has, according to his term, “evolved,” into understanding that marriage is for two guys who “love” each other. Yeah…love is the big deal in these hookups among a class of individuals known primarily as unashamedly and prolifically promiscuous. Men loving each other intimately or romantically sounds as silly as prostitutes loving their johns.

A guy who “loves” a same-sex friend would never place his grimy “exhaust apparatus” where the sun never shines or where teeth, tongue and tonsils could be “messed with.” That goes for heterosexuals, too, body orifices being designed specifically for certain activities only. Former president Clinton remarked that point, his contribution to society forever tainted by the infamous “stain on the dress.” Unsurprisingly, he’s expressed regret that he signed the Defense of Marriage Act…s-o-o-o un-cool.

Proving his commitment to perversionism [sic], POTUS announced that neither he nor wifey dear nor VPOTUS and his wife will attend the Olympics in Russia because Putin—that insensitive ogre—has made it plain that homosexuals are not welcome anywhere. Soundly defeated by Putin currently in the conduct of world affairs, Obama is sending two lesbians to officially represent the USA. So there, Vladimir! This should make all U.S athletes proud…coming from a nation whose president wallows in the amoral depths and acts like a spoiled child stamping his feet in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Like the doctor who remarked to his radio host in my town that he was aghast in a local restaurant in discovering that he had just treated his waiter for anal gonorrhea, one cringes at the ramifications of this virtual worship of the homosexual, protecting him/her/it (those trans-genders and Qs) even more stringently than the polar bears. They’re even welcome – after hundreds of years – in the military, where commanders dread to see them officially “outed.”

Once considered a genetically caused malady among a miniscule number, homosexuality is now even more normal than normal—part of Obama’s legacy that also reinforces his status as an international joke. Move over, ladies, the new protected “ism” has arrived—perversionism. The prexy’s set a “red line” past which heterosexuals are warned not to tread. Egad!!!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark