Paul "PALINED" by the MSM

Poor Rand Paul! He was on a remarkable high on the evening of 18 May because he had just trounced by more than 20 points Kentucky’s sitting Secretary of State Trey Grayson in the republican primary for the chance to run in November for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jim Bunning. Then he got PALINED before he had time to properly celebrate, put both feet in his mouth in the process (or maybe not) and proved he wasn’t paying attention back in 2008 when the mainstream media represented by the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and the coastal news-rags had Sarah Palin for lunch…or thought they did.

One remembers ABC’s Charlie Gibson looking down his nose through those little spectacles and gravely intoning a question regarding what Palin thought of the Bush Doctrine. How many times has the average American citizen ever heard of the Bush Doctrine, whatever anyone says it is? Then, there was CBS’s perky Katie Couric strolling with Palin and gravely getting her take on the state of the economy/bank-bailout, all the while emitting that condescending smile of sarcasm silently shouting that Palin was a nutcase, ignorant as a gourd. Actually, Palin did pretty well and the trap that was set went for naught anyway since McCain never had a chance and wouldn’t have even if Freddie the Freeloader had been in Obama’s place, actually an improvement.

Paul made the mistake of speaking truth, i.e., what he actually thought, something no politician should do without serious aforethought. Kentucky’s attorney general, Jack Conway and Paul’s opponent in November, immediately showed up on – you guessed it – MSNBC with Chris Matthews and stated with resolute firmness that Paul had indicated that he was in favor of repealing the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s. Matthews, anti-everything Paul stands for, nevertheless had to set the record straight, i.e., that Paul had never made such a statement.

One wonders about attorneys-general these days. Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal, also running for the Senate (Dodd finally mercifully gone), has stated over and over that he was in Vietnam back in the day, though, after receiving five deferments and joining the Marine Reserve, he’d never been near the place. Conway’s hero seems to be Dan Rather, but his blatant smear-tactic and outright lie will be used against him again and again. He needs for Rather to find him a document from an old typewriter once used in Pauls’ medical practice on which is noted Pauls’ membership acceptance to the Ku Klux Klan.

Paul made it abundantly clear in the initial interview with Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s current “meow person,” that he was against discrimination and in favor of the laws of the 60s, though he was about age 2 when the legislation passed, but that tidbit somehow got lost in translation…didn’t rise to the bait…er, trap. So…in comes Conway with the clincher and the whole MSNBC gang was left with egg on its collective face, just like CBS when Rather and his gang were proved to be liars of exceptional profoundness and faux methodology.

Paul merely tried to make the point that the government intervenes too much in the affairs of people who run their own businesses and individuals whose lives and decisions should not be disrupted/dictated by elected officials and bureaucrats. For instance, the city fathers in New York City are in the process of determining the proper salt-intake for its citizens’ digestive systems; the health-care legislation just passed mandates that citizens will either buy insurance or perhaps go to jail. In the city of this corner, restaurateurs, by government fiat, may not allow smoking in their establishments, notwithstanding the desire of the owners, though getting drunk is perfectly okay.

Paul embraces the TEA PARTY movement, a grassroots unorganized endeavor having as its keystone this notion, in part: too much government interference along with planned uninterrupted red-ink spending for as long as it takes to break the national bank and consequently inculcate socialism. That time is near. Paul has made it plain that the taking over of industries such as GM and Chrysler, financial institutions such as Freddie/Fanny and banks such as AIG is not acceptable in a republic. That kind of talk scares both republicans and democrats but it needs to be out there as it reflects the way most people feel in the country they see themselves losing…the loss of liberty and the chance to get along as they see fit within a reasonable framework of cooperation and laws.

The Obama administration, with all of its czars, is rapidly moving away from the constraints of the U.S. Constitution. Paul is the kind of person to turn it around; therefore, he is the current whipping boy of the MSM, Obama’s propaganda arm…and all for free. Disgusting!