Pathetic White Males

Finally, two of the more recognizable “special times” have passed for another year, to wit, Black History Month and International Women’s Day. It’s at these times that both the African American community and the Distaff Side can express with absolute impunity a castigation of the white male, surely the most evil influence in the Creation.

Accused of everything from outright racism and discrimination by the former to overbearing arrogance and…yes…discrimination by the latter—not to mention brutality, of course—the white male is indeed a pathetic creature. One wonders if there ever will be an International Men’s Day, not that the average white male would notice, tied up as he is in riotous living of one kind or another or just plain corruption, whether in government, business or even the church.

To check out racism and discrimination, one might have noticed the entire front page of the SWEET SIXTEEN SECTION of the Lexington Herald-Leader of 09 March, on which was found a photo of the Madison Central/Holmes contest featuring all ten players (five from each team), only one of whom was white, not to mention the referee, also, who was black. Or, check out UK coach Calipari’s six current signed-scholarship players and three hopefuls, of whom there is only one white guy, but he counts double because he’s the only Kentucky resident in the group.

This is not to say the best basketball players, regardless of ethnicity, should not be chosen for either participation or scholarships; rather, it is to say that racism and discrimination are two-edged swords, with plenty of both blame and credit to go around. With respect to scholarships regarding all races, however, UK should recruit in Kentucky, with the coach actually coaching instead of riding herd on a gaggle of high-school super-stars from wherever.

The ladies have lobbied for and just been granted by the dear leader (or, as he would insist, the commander-in-chief…WE WON) the opportunity to become combat grunts in the military, shooting off the guns and carrying those 70-pound backpacks, living in the desert and dodging enemy bullets and land mines. Hurrah! He’s not a bigoted white male…far too sophisticated for that, understanding that girls should have the right to be killed or mutilated and, if taken prisoner, gang-raped like the 200,000 Korean “comfort” women at the mercy of Japanese soldiers in WWII.

The ladies have arrived, at last, but separate battlefield bathrooms can be a problem, at least where they exist, which is just about nowhere. The bigoted white-male field commanders were very publicly against nullifying “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and it’s a sure bet they hate to see the gals platooning along, but they’re just too insensitive…and don’t forget (drum roll, please) discriminating.

This comes at a time in Kentucky at which the Legislature has heaved heavily and delivered itself of…no, it got tied up somewhere…a “date-rape” bill of some sort, never mind that the state universities endorse and maintain coed dorms, in which students are practically encouraged toward hanky-panky on a 24/7 basis, with the possibility that an irate coed, whether on “Ecstasy” or drunk or not, can say “J’accuse,” whether or not something bad has happened. The poor guy, whether guilty or not, has nothing to say about it but gets his name in the paper.

So…it’s okay to send 110-pound girls into battle but laws have to be written to protect them on home turf in case they fall into a compromising circumstance. Why not just give them boot-camp training as fresh-women and let them protect themselves from the creeps they hang with…a gun in every girl’s book-backpack? Imagine tying up the courts and law enforcement vis-à-vis protective orders accruing to guys the girls turn off, and then try to get even with, the sleazebags.

About this time last year in Lexington, Ky., folks were gearing up for the annual Gay Pride Day in June sponsored by the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO), so that will be another “special day” during which the white straight male will be excoriated for being insensitive, the unfeeling thug. Last year, an employee of an outfit called Hands On Originals had contracted to print the T-shirts for the great day but its owner decided to break the contract account religious beliefs militating against homosexual behavior, euphemism for “unnatural acts using the sex organs and other body parts.”

HOO, self-described as Christian Outfitters, actually employed homosexuals and even found a substitute company at no greater expense but that was not good enough for the offended GLSO, so the business at hand became putting the business at hand out of business. HOO is still in business but has been put through the wringer, a recent decision, after a year, going against HOO by the Human Rights Commission.

The paper editorialized against HOO last year and advertised a “grand protest” in a downtown park conveniently 2.5 miles from the HOO headquarters, which might have been hard for some folks to find. Sixty people showed up out of a population of 297,000 or so. HOO has also survived the paper’s attempt to deep-six it.

Yeah…there’s nothing like the “special days” to get the adrenalin flowing against the white male. Chances are that he’ll survive Mothers Day, or at least not be made to look like Lizzie Borden…oh wait, that was an alleged lady axe-murderer. Oh well…the white male usually gets a break on the fourth of July…for obvious reasons.