A Parody, Anyone?

A parody is defined as “a literary or musical work in which the style of an author or work is closely imitated for comic effect or in ridicule.” The following is one such tongue-in-cheek piece that might appear in most any east- or west-coast newspaper or on any news program of the mainstream media. The Associated Press is reporting that President Obama may soon decide to train and equip “moderate Syrian rebels” for their fight against Assad, who has refused Obama's order of 2011 to get outta Dodge and turn the country over to whoever is left standing after the Sunnis, Alewites (Assad's gang), and Shiites have had it out, so a bit of parody is in order, especially since no one has defined a “moderate Syrian rebel,” though Senator McCain has claimed to have already done that and has a photo-op (probably snapped in Lebanon) to prove it.

New York Times: Extending his global foreign policy philosophy regarding the downtrodden in countries whose rulers are despots, President Obama announced today that he has issued a mandate to Ukrainian President Poroshenko that he step down account the popular uprising in eastern Ukraine. This reflects his similar orders to Qaddafi, Mubarak, Saleh and Assad in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Syria, respectively, to name a few.

It has been apparent for some time that the Ukrainian government under its former president and now under Poroshenko, a billionaire with no connection to the people, that Ukrainian citizens in the eastern and southern portions of the country have suffered discrimination at the hands of the government, which has not recognized the importance of ethnicity. Most of the breakaway insurgents are tribally Russian while those in the East, including the government, are European or at least European-leaning.

Poroshenko's troops have been battling the insurgents, who are justifiably fighting and dying for their rights to fairness. The rebels in Crimea, the South, have already won their independence from Ukraine and even joined Russia, the better to keep themselves safe from Ukrainian injustice.

Senators McCain, Graham and Lieberman have called for Poroshenko to step down, as they did with reference to the other despots. McCain has visited rebel forces in Donetsk and already pointed out the tribal leader to whom he demands that President Obama send planes, tanks, troop-carriers, drones and ammo. He did the same in Benghazi in 2011 and later in Lebanon with regard to the Syrian uprising. His Benghazi efforts were successful, culminating in the assassination of Qaddafi after only seven months of fighting to quell the huge Libyan forces of 76,000 boots, although no accounting of Libyan deaths at the hands of Obama and NATO has ever been given. The leftover weapons from that bloodbath were then transported to Syria, where as yet they have not been successfully used.

Poroshenko has so far refused to step down and has even stepped up his assault on his own people, who also have indicated that they prefer Russian oppression to Ukrainian oppression and are willing to fight for the appropriate oppression if help comes from the United States, as demanded by McCain.

A high government source indicated to this reporter that President Obama may send NSA head Susan Rice and former state secretary Clinton to the UN, where they will join UN Ambassador Power (referred to irreverently as the Amazons) to apply to the Security Council, as they did regarding Libya in 2011, for permission to create a no-fly zone over eastern Ukraine and ultimately join forces with the rebels to take out Poroshenko or his government or both. His explanation for bypassing Congress in this executive order is simply that Congress acts too slowly all the time but especially in cases of emergency. Obama expects NATO will go along with his plan since oil from Russia is piped through Ukraine to Germany, France and other countries.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has stated that oppression must be stopped everywhere and that when all parties are oppressors, the UN will support the oppressor nation that oppresses most fairly and with the least amount of bloodshed. The UN stopped counting deaths in Syria earlier this year since the reports could not be verified, reason to wonder if there has ever been a verifiable record.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark