LONG KNIVES Fillet Palin

Get ready…the LONG KNIVES are already out as the mainstream media, otherwise known as the Obama propaganda-arm, prepare to fillet Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Senator McCain's veep choice. The dems put on quite a show last week in Denver – everything from Stevie Wonder to a gaggle of retired generals, with one of them doing the usual hatchet job on George Bush. Among them was onetime prexy hopeful Wesley Clark, whose last credential as NATO head-honcho was his being jerked out of the Kosovo matter before he started World War III.

Time now for the republicans…and everyone is invited to gasp four times and have three palpitations of the liver in order to face this McCain/Palin calamity – Palin's 17-year-old daughter is PREGNANT without benefit of marriage, just a boyfriend. Hoo-hah! The girls from the National Organization of Women are scandalized out of their gourds…to think that Palin is four-square in favor of (another gasp is invited) ABSTINENCE before marriage and even promulgates that old-fashioned idea as THE way to teach the subject of sex in the public schools.

Strangely, she insists that abstinence absolutely guarantees against pregnancy…but then, so do the scientists/biologists (not to mention parents), who reportedly know about these things. So…Palin uses common sense, like the experts. Why should she, mimicking the liberals, think that hormones should rule, disposing toward all the problems besides pregnancy such as the STDs that girls in middle school are being vaccinated against now? The pregnancy is unfortunate, but 30% of all white births and 70% of all black births are to single mothers, so what else is new?

Back in July, it was reported on (what else) – the liberal-revered Huffington Post – that Michelle Obama made it plain in some sort of "roundtable" conflab that Barack Obama's mother was SINGLE when the candidate was born. So…does it naturally follow that if a veep candidate's expectant-single-daughter disqualifies Palin from running for the second spot the candidate for the top spot is doubly disqualified…or something like that…for the same reason? Word has been put out otherwise that Obama's parents were married in February 1961 and he was born in August 1961…h-m-m-m…and that the parents divorced in 1963. Actually, no one seems to have come up with a marriage certificate, birth certificate, or divorce papers. So…only the Shadow knows…as well as Obama's grandmother in Hawaii, and apparently she ain't said. Maybe former CBS-fraud Dan Rather can come up with the documents.

It gets better. From the NOW Web-site currently: "NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy said, 'Sen. John McCain's choice of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate is a cynical effort to appeal to disappointed Hillary Clinton voters and get them to vote, ultimately, against their own self-interest.'" Oh…really! In other words, this NOW gal says that other gals are so dumb that they would vote for that dragon – McCain – just to spite Obama for throwing Hillary under the bus, and throw their weight around even if to do so means they cut off their own collective noses to spite their own collective faces. That's about as juicy as John Kerry's statement that the guys who can't make it in high school wind up in Iraq.

But what's transpired so far is nothing compared to the honing of the LONG KNIVES as they contemplate and salivate vis-à-vis Palin's guru/pastor and – one more gigantic gasp with a drum-roll – her church…PENTECOSTAL! Oh…mercy…blessings on the nation are desperately needed – a fire-and-brimstone PENTECOSTAL as vice president? Can anyone hear a resounding AMEN…or a collective Protestant/Catholic/Jewish plea for Divine unction against such a possibility…or even a funereal dirge?

Shades of the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, whose anti-American outbursts finally forced Obama to throw him under the bus, only to be thoroughly pummeled by the reverend before – gigantic gasp in order again – the Press Club in D.C., the very mainstreamers upon whom Obama depends for free exposure and politics-mongering? Of course not…nothing like that kind of hateful stuff! The Pentecostal approach by Palin's pastor, Ed Kalnins, is on the other end of the spectrum…he seems to think well of the USA.

This, from the Huffington Post: "The church runs a number of ministries providing help to poor neighborhoods, care for children in need, and general community services. But Pastor Kalnins has also preached that critics of President Bush will be banished to hell; questioned whether people who voted for Sen. John Kerry in 2004 would be accepted to heaven; charged that the 9/11 terrorist attacks and war in Iraq were part of a war 'contending for your faith;' and said that Jesus 'operated from that position of war mode.'" That may or may not be true, but it's bound to set the liberal pundits' teeth on edge as they sharpen their swords.

By the way, at the Last Supper, just before the crucifixion, Jesus told his disciples to secure swords even if they had to sell clothing to do so, obviously not to defend him but to defend themselves. Liberals don't like that kind of talk, but Palin and her pastor understand…and so do bin Laden and Ahmadinejad.