Oscars Orgy

Okay…some decades ago I guess it was, I watched the Oscar Ceremony. I can’t remember watching it in a very long time. It was an awarding of trophies for various “best thing,” and it still is, at least ostensibly, as far as I know or notice in the papers and in the trivia segments of TV “news” shows. Being in the same context as Syrians being shown blown apart or American GIs returning minus arms and legs seems almost sacrilegious, but such is the media these days.

The ceremony—if it can be called that—was opened this year by a rousing number presented by the Gay Men’s Choir of Los Angeles, representing that particular genre of sexual preference, currently an object of glorification in the nation, at least by the elite as represented by the likes of Colin Powell coming out in favor of homosexual marriage, as well as the president—no surprise there since he’s made it clear that his attorney general will not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act signed into law by Bill Clinton. This represents Obama’s definition of this country – the United States of Monarchy, governed essentially by executive order.

Actually, the Oscars is more of an orgy, not least as so designated by the performance of what would have been called in another day the “Queer Choir” – nice ring there, huh? That term was the homosexual choice then but homosexual sophistication “evolved,” as Obama would say in referencing his change of mind regarding the DOMA, to the point that another good English word had to be co-opted. Why couldn’t the worthies make up a term for their perversion? That would be real advancement and an actual contribution to the lexicon.

The orgy theme was introduced by the choir’s offering, entitled “We Saw Your Boobs.” This proclaimed that the evening would be structured to roughly fit the artistic-appreciation level of a high school sophomore boy, often found in the magazine section at Walmart gazing transfixed at the porno mags or on Facebook at whatever teenyboppers are purveying these days. I don’t do Facebook but I understand that much mischief is available.

The orgy theme is advanced by the quaint habit of referring to the ladies by the names of their gown designers, who have designed in a way to show the most skin but not make it into a bikini affair, a Hollywood hallmark otherwise, thus mostly gowns with little in the way of tops, the opposite of gown-less evening-straps. So…the affair is sort of a meat market, too, with the distaff stars in on the fun…exhibitionism being a trademark of Hollywood.

Big surprise of the evening as well as the most recent trivialization of the presidency – FLOTUS Michelle Obama presented the top trophy by satellite from Washington, or at least I guess it was the tops. She was in a Naeem Khan that allowed for just enough sighting of the boobs to titillate that sophomore boy and maybe Tiger Woods, the prexy’s most recent golf-buddy, who said about the prez that he “could be a pretty good stick,” not exactly the most appropriate appellation.

The first lady’s gracious speech was indicative of the crowds to which Obama is attracted, namely celebrities and people, whether celebs or not, with boatloads of money, especially Hollywood-types and Wall-Streeters. Those in his preferred-identity ethnic group—African American—should take note. He is half-white and the Hollywood crowd is nearly all-white, to whom he said back in 2008 about the Pennsylvanians (also nearly all-white – 84%) that they clutched their Bibles, grasped their rifles and went searching for illegal immigrants.

A movie about the Pennsylvanians would doubtlessly earn the top Oscar. The Amish, Mennonites and Baptists would be the cruel villains. Michael Moore could do the movie. There was a time when a steel mill or coal mine would have been the setting for the showdown or shootout or wild car-chase but, alas, hard times have set in. Moore would probably have the victors marching to the strains of a Mariachy band down the streets of Scranton.

So…I didn’t see any of the Oscars but I discovered that Barbra Streisand sang and so found that clip on the internet. She sang “The Way We Were” in honor of Marvin Hamlisch…great. That had to be the redeeming feature of the entire orgy.