New Military Method - "On-the-Fly"

Defense Secretary Gates introduced a new facet of the president’s “Obama Doctrine” in Russia the other day, namely, the “on-the-fly” approach to waging…well, whatever Obama is waging in Libya these days. It can’t be called war – far too sanguinary. Besides, if it were war, he might be expected to present his plans for it to Congress.

That’s where waging war “on-the-fly” comes in – no actual plans, just haul out the bombers, missiles, and whatever else is handy and “bring it on.” So…since there are no plans for waging anything, Congress doesn’t need to be in the loop. The big deal is to save Libyan civilians from Qaddafi, so the solution is to bomb the bejesus out of Tripoli and elsewhere and kill other Libyans in order to save Libyans. Sound crazy? Of course not! Super-intellectual Obama would never do anything crazy. Obama has said Qaddafi is not a target, but his compound has been bombed more than once. That’s real intellect in action.

The big news of the twenty-third is that Syrian forces wasted six…you guessed it…Syrians in one day. They were protesting, like those squirrelly Libyans, so they had to go. The word was bandied about that they had their weapons and whatever else stored in the…yep, the mosque. Sound familiar? They just closed one of those warmongering mosques in Berlin recently…but in Syria, whose strongman Assad is a “brother” of the first order to Iran’s Ahmadinejad, Assad’s gang killed six Muslims in their mosque. Never mind killing them in the street.

If the Obama Doctrine is to be followed in Syria, it can be expected that some sort of action “on-the-fly” will be necessary since there isn’t time to get a plan ready. After all, a plan for Libya couldn’t be conceived in nearly a month, necessitating pulling off last week’s strictly “on-the-fly,” with the added advantage of not having to present it to the Congress. In fact, Obama started the action and immediately left the country for a few days living it up south of the border, so he was unavailable anyway.

Then, of course, there’s Yemen (fighting in the streets) and Saudi Arabia (protesters all over the place), meaning that innocent people have to be protected throughout the Middle East. These things have been going on for quite a while but Obama’s folks have no plans ready so maybe there will be more stuff done “on-the-fly,” the better to save Muslims from Muslims by killing Muslims.

Of course, Defense Secretary Gates and his crowd over at the Pentagon didn’t want to do anything concerning Libya, already in deep do-do in Iraq and Afghanistan and understanding that killing one group of Libyans in order to save another group of Libyans doesn’t make a lot of sense. Military minds can be so technical!

So, besides Senators McCain, Lieberman, Graham and Kerry (about as weird a combination as possible), who has instigated this absolutely essential “on-the-fly” operation in order to save Libyans from Libyans? Could it be the Amazons – State Secretary Clinton, UN Ambassador Rice, and Obama’s foreign policy guru Power?

These gals must be on to something…they got the Security Council to go for a Libyan operation, although they probably didn’t mention that it would be done “on-the-fly,” i.e., with virtually no planning at all. The distaff side of government can be rough and tough, although the boots on the ground and in the air are 99.9% male. And the Congresspersons can just…well, they aren’t doing much now anyhow. Apparently, the feminine approach is to save the “people in the streets” no matter how many lives that costs.

Of course, the gals got hoodwinked…but that isn’t said pejoratively. They got the (drum roll, please) ARAB LEAGUE to throw in with them. The Arab League was instituted back in the late 40s and its first expression of goodwill was a war on Israel. That didn’t work, obviously, so now the League has decided all these years later to try its luck on Muslim Qaddafi, whom its members don’t like anyway.

The Amazons were simply naïve. They didn’t realize that the mark of an astute Muslim is the power to outwit his adversary, in this case Obama and the Amazons (sounds like a rock band). The League promised to deliver both airpower and troops in the fight against Libya. Instead, the League has been whining that the U.S., Britain and France have gone too far – Libyans have been (gasp) killed. Count the League out. It was smart enough to get the westerners to do the dirty work, while the League puffs on its collective hookah and laughs at the Amazons, whom it thinks should be kept in the kitchen, pregnant and barefoot anyway.

Obama mistakenly assumed and said publicly that NATO would take over the task from the USA or act in support…something like that. That won’t happen (the NATO honchos in a fierce argument) and it appears that the Brits and Frenchies will continue the important work of killing Libyans to save Libyans.