Obama or Clinton...Who Cares?

With the primary season nearly over, one looks in wonderment at the Democrat Party vis-à-vis its two candidates, amazed at how these people have risen to the top of the heap. Surely a political party can do better than being satisfied with a couple of folks who started years ago to get the prize, raised a ton of money, and blew it on a public unable or unwilling to demand competency. Senator Clinton is even investing some $10 million of her own fortune in the process, notwithstanding the fact that such august entities as NBC/MSNBC have declared categorically that Obama is the winner.

Senator Obama has come from nowhere – literally – and has adopted the "messiah approach" for his campaign, the white knight on the white horse turned into the black knight on the black horse to save the nation, mostly white. August entities (okay, like NBC/MSNBC) have aided and abetted in this effort by presenting him as the absolute savior…of the world, no less. His wife has even declared that only now, with her savior-husband in the place of success, is she proud of her country for the first time in her adulthood. She's been referred to as his "bitter-half" but enhances that image only when she speaks, which is often.

Last fall, Clinton reckoned in an appearance before the congressional black caucus that the government should give $5,000 to each baby when she/he escapes the womb to face a cruel world. Since about 4,000,000 babes arrive each year, that works out to some $20 billion in just the first year. Not to be outdone by even herself, in Iowa she allowed that it would be a good idea to give every earner a $1,000 tax-cut per year in behalf of her/his IRA. This amounts to more than the baby-boon (up to $25 billion), but she would pay for it with higher estate taxes (taxing the dead…okay no opposition there). Then…about those driver-licenses she thought would be great for illegals…before she thought that maybe they wouldn't be so great…well…get the picture? She hasn't mentioned babies or IRAs for a long time and obviously doesn't need the driver-license thing to raise its ugly head again.

Poor Obama was breezing along when – VOILA! – it was discovered that his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was, if not a subversive, at least an accomplished racist and USA-hater deluxe. That wouldn't have mattered, of course, except that Obama never left the congregation over a 20-year period even in light of the reverend's totally off-the-wall assertions such as that the U.S. government (maybe during the Reagan era?) invented HIV/Aids and purposely plagued the black community with it. It didn't help that Obama's loud-mouthed wife characterized the nation as Wright did, to wit, a mean place. Obama developed the theme with his remark about the "typical" folks grabbing their guns and Bibles and forming a posse to hunt down immigrants. Egad!

Last fall, Clinton said, "I say this nation can shatter the highest glass ceiling – because that’s what Americans have been doing for over 200 years." In other words, the gender card is now being played, since that's the key to "glass ceiling" language. It's the ladies' turn, and that serves as presidential qualification. Obama, with apparently little sense of history but good vibes concerning diversity, has stated that he would sit down for a conversation on important matters with Iran's President Ahmadinejad without any preconditions, such as that the Big A retract his statement that Israel is to be erased from the map. These people are scary.

Chamberlain tried dancing with the devil (Hitler) in 1938 through appeasement and helped buy England and the whole world seven years of incomprehensible bloodshed. He offered up Sudetenland Czechoslovakia, with no argument against Hitler's simply taking it. Would Obama offer up Israel, thus starting a conflagration unimaginable to the human mind? Who knows?

Clinton spoke of 35 years of experience while in New Hampshire, changed it to 16 years in South Carolina, and actually has held office for only seven years? But that sort of waffling is nothing compared to her totally incomprehensible fabrication of coming under sniper fire while on a trip to Bosnia in 1996. A lie that outrageously huge and meticulously calculated and repeated until she was caught should evoke a humongous doubt of her ability to be commander-in-chief…or even remain as a senator. The only thing that could drive a deception of that magnitude is blind ambition, something she shares with Obama, who, like his wife (and Clinton's hubby Bill), shifts into tongue-mode with his brain still in neutral.

McCain has ambition, too, plus decades of service in both the military and the Senate, but it's not as blind as that. He knows what it's like not to live in a fantasy world and – yes – rubs a lot of conservatives the wrong way, but he actually lived a long torturous ordeal infinitely worse than anything Clinton could imagine or lie about. He doesn't make much of it, but Clinton turned her falsehood into an event extraordinaire in an effort to prove a mettle she was never called upon to exhibit. Disgusting.

McCain has imposing credentials, though he's had his inconsistencies. His concern, for instance, with manmade global-warming/climate-change is a sop to the loonies who think the Kyoto Treaty is found in the Bible. He's bound to understand this nation's top scientists, who pooh-pooh the UN/Algore-conjured "inconvenient truth," but he, to his detriment, will play along. In any case, by comparison with Obama and Clinton, and notwithstanding the non-likelihood of election, he is a far superior candidate in terms of both wisdom and strength.