The We-Won-Kid Rides Again!

It would be hard to imagine a greater display of unmitigated jackassery than was displayed by the president on the afternoon of 31 December, when he assembled a large group (no one seems to know from where but perhaps bused in from one of the projects) in the Executive Office Building in order to stroke his own magnificent ego by lecturing the Congress and demeaning all republicans, especially, to the accompaniment of wild applause. To say that it was a disgusting performance is far too kind. It was an act beneath the dignity and intelligence of a pimply-faced high-school sophomore…contemptible to a degree beyond the nth.

This president has done nothing but campaign for the last four years for a second term, especially during the last 18 months. His post-Christmas flight back to Washington for the current example of overall government ineptitude was totally unnecessary since he has done nothing but say one way or another WE WON, i.e., that he’ll call all the shots and it’s “my way or the highway” for anyone getting in his way.

This latest escapade reminds of 2008, when he and John McCain, both in desperate campaign-mode, dropped everything to get back to Washington and save the country, both of them president-wannabe senators playing to the cameras and microphones. Their presence meant absolutely nothing but the grandstanding was too good to miss.

So…at least for public consumption, the vice president and Senator McConnell took center stage in an effort to save the country. This is another way of saying that Obama is so totally disengaged and uninformed, not to mention intolerably arrogant, that, as usual, somebody has to fill-in for him to get anything done. In the meantime, the citizenry gets an idea of what an empty suit looks like. Add Harry Reed to that equation (no Senate budget passed in three years) and the incompetence in the top of the hierarchy is thick enough to cut with a knife.

The only thing more despicable than a sore loser is an arrogant, taunting winner, especially in an election actually won by the vote of the big-city welfare meccas. His performance on New Year’s Eve was akin to the stupid shenanigans of athletes these days, doing the crotch-hop or chest-banger or jumping in the stands to be pummeled by the silliest fans after doing just what they’re paid well to do, in the first place. All the prez needs to do is get properly tattooed and affix some rings in his ears, nose and anywhere else there’s enough tissue available to be in the same bush-league as the pros, who are even more overpaid than he is.

The rank incompetence of this administration is seen, for instance, in its foreign policy or absence thereof. The prez, exhibiting the predictable arrogance and egoism, made it a point to tell the top leaders of countries in the Middle East to take a hike – Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen – with the result being that he has not only alienated those nations but helped deliver them into the hands of the radical jihad groups that threaten the world. Al Qaeda has never been stronger and the Muslim Brotherhood is busily making Sharia law the law of the land in Egypt and Libya and probably soon in Syria. Obama might as well be a fellow-Muslim.

He backed up none of his “get outta Dodge” commands, thus became a paper-tiger, even in the case of Libya, with the weakest military establishment in that part of the world – sorta equal maybe to the Boy Scouts. Result of that inane, insane attack: the Benghazi massacre and a nation virtually run by the radicals and even sending radicals to help Syrians kill each other. What a mess! In the process, he’s made this country into the laughingstock of the world, totally without respect.

Domestically, he’s done just what he did on 31 December – sniped at and insulted the people he despises and hammed it up for the cameras, making speeches constantly, apparently figuring that this is how a president leads…make a lot of noise and then tell the troops to “go get ’em.” Disgusting! This is called “leading from behind” – his term.

After his totally useless trip from Hawaii, he has now returned, thus keeping Air Force One, his personal air-taxi, operational for 36,000 miles and will soon add another 6,000. At $180,000 per hour, this works out to more than $8.6 million for his holiday at taxpayer expense. Add the first ladies $4.3 million for her own personal plane (his/her planes in this administration) and the recession-ridden taxpayer has coughed up nearly $13 million in air-travel costs alone for Hawaiian fun and games. This doesn’t even count the cost of the secret service and all the other add-ons to the holidays. The ultimate irony: Obamessiah will sign the bill by electronic autopen…didn’t even stay with the troops…loyalty be damned.

Obama constantly uses the term “sacrifice” and makes himself look dumb every time he smirks it, reminding everyone that WE WON!!!! Four more years of this excuse for leadership – disgusting!