In his unannounced supposedly off-the-cuff speech in the White House press-room on 19 July (late on Friday for the benefit of the TV-talking-heads-shows), the president carried out the tradition of Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in a whining presentation that was as much about himself as Trayvon Martin. It was the sequel to his remarks in connection with his 2008 “Philadelphia Race-Speech” (actually a failed apologetic for Wright), in which he said the “typical white person” was like his grandmother, i.e., uncomfortable in the presence of people resembling himself.

This was not a surprise to anyone who’s read his Dreams From My Father, his autobiography of the mid-90s, updated in 2004 in time for the big run. His antipathy toward white people, even though his mother and grandparents, who raised him, were all white, virtually explodes from the pages of that book. This is ironic in the sense that Zimmerman has been tagged a “white Latino” (parents from two equally different races) but neither Obama nor his propaganda media-friends reference him as a “white American” (parents from two equally different races). Why not? His book is subtitled: A Story of Race and Inheritance. That’s why not, his obsession with race!

An exaggeration such as car-door locks being audibly clicked down when a black guy crosses a street (as if all the parked cars were occupied by Pennsylvania Baptists hunting for illegal immigrants, a la his charge before a Hollywood crowd) was so over the top that one had to wonder about his state of mind. Does he consider everyone dumb enough to swallow that stuff?

The government is supposedly disallowed to profile folks but ordinary citizens are not. People profile others every day. If Zimmerman profiled Martin he did nothing wrong but would have been guilty if he had attacked Martin. Martin profiled Zimmerman, according to the girl to whom he was speaking on the phone at the time of the episode, as a “creepy-ass-cracker” or something like that, which probably explains why he knocked Zimmerman to the ground and proceeded to “work him over.”

This is no brief for Zimmerman, whose history is not angelic. But if Zimmerman had been black and Martin white, Martin would have been charged and convicted for a hate crime account, as the lady-friend put it on the Piers Morgan clambake, “whupin’ ass” on a person of color. If in that case Zimmerman (black) had shot Martin, he would have been a “cool brother,” a rap-hero.

Blacks consider the “stand-your-ground” laws in 22 states to be aimed at them, as claimed by Stevie Wonder in declaring his absence from those states from now on. They make up 13% of the population but commit more than half of all murders. Narrow that down to black men (most of the killers – 7%) and the picture is even grimmer. Ninety-four percent of the murders are against other blacks, as is the case currently in Chicago, with an average of more than one killing per day this year but those S-Y-G laws are for the protection of everyone regardless of ethnicity.

Obama claimed that he could have been Martin 35 years ago, a wild stretch. Obama went to the best prep school in his city in Hawaii 35 years ago and lived with his grandparents, his grandmother being a bank vice president. Did he experience racial prejudice? Of course he did. Does he exhibit racial prejudice? Yes, just as strongly. It’s perfectly obvious that he dislikes white people, even though he’s stuck with them (most of the czars) in government.

In adopting the approach of the men mentioned above, Obama perpetuated the notion that whites are to blame for every problem of the black community. Some, not all, of those problems are the fault of whites, who nevertheless, as a community, have tried hard to address problems of blacks. The “entitlement” laws of the 50s-60s are ample proof. People are products of their cultures, however, and ‘togetherness” cannot be orchestrated. Most folks tend to “hang-out” with their own kind – human nature, but violence, along with hanging-out, has developed in the black community since the 60s.

Black men, especially, are responsible for the breakdown in the black community because they don’t take responsibility for the out-of-wedlock children they sire (73% of births) and the women they impregnate and desert. Obama’s father deserted him, so he should understand the problem. Instead, he lines up with the men mentioned above…the exponential hypocrite, and attempts to destroy the stabilization of family itself with his silly “evolving” anent same-sex marriage.

And so it goes.