The person who suggested back in the day that democracy is messy was spot-on. Messy anomalies are nothing new to the democratic process but they’ve always represented a threat whenever rearing their ugly heads, especially if a plethora of them occur simultaneously. Such a time is now.

The founders probably thought – or at least hoped – they had devised a system with enough equilibrium among the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government to foster stability and security. Alas, they would not recognize today’s shaky government, the product of career politicians, anathema to the founders, who considered public service as an adjunct to citizenship, not a life’s work.

The system has survived, however, the normal governmental actions outnumbering the anomalies…until now. The election of Barack Obama to the presidency was an anomaly of inordinate proportions not just because of him, the man, but also because of the people who surround him, especially those who have positions of power simply “dreamed-up” by Obama – those czars, of whom there must be at least 35-40 (who knows?) by now. They set policy…Obama makes speeches to try to sell those policies.

Obama got lucky and tapped into the Internet, though he probably never dreamed at the time that the greatest part of the $700 million he spent getting elected would arrive via the Net. Virtually a nobody when he arrived in the Senate in 2005 and with a consequent record amounting to nothing and coupled with rampant absenteeism, he stormed on the scene in 2006 in earnest and quickly attracted young people and independents, the former because of immaturity and the latter because of the wars. He has matched the immaturity and done little to affect the fighting.

Quite aside from the wrong-headed policies of his administration, he has managed, against the once prevailing hope contrariwise, to cause increasing divisiveness within the citizenry, perhaps a greater threat to stability than anything else. His fellow-traveler in this regard has been Attorney General Holder as the two of them have played the “race card.” Nothing is more divisive than this or more egregious.

Obama’s distaste for white people became evident in Philadelphia in 2008 when he coined the phrase “typical white person” and used, unbelievably, his own grandmother as the intolerant stereotype. Michelle Obama registered her distaste for white people during the campaign when she indicated no respect for this country until that time, a country made up mostly of white people. In her speech to the NAACP on 12 July, she complained of black public school students being shortchanged but didn’t mention that in the District of Columbia (where she lives, with predominantly black schools) $16,540 per pupil was spent while the national average for states was $9,557 in 2007, when she was unhappy with government.

Holder, in a speech last year and repeated on the CBS Face The Nation on 11 July, called Americans cowards for not facing the question of race. That’s all Americans have been facing since Obama took office – race. Obama doesn’t mean to let the subject go. Holder and the president are suing Arizona now because they’ve concluded that the state’s recent immigration law might lead to racial profiling, although profiling is strictly prohibited by the law. Arizonans are tired of being the dump-site for the drug traffickers from Mexico and the kidnappers that plague the state. Ethnicity is not the problem, but Mexicans can be expected to vote democrat so, ipso facto, race IS important.

One could go on and on with the race thing. Obama put his finger on it when he “invaded” Berlin in the summer of 2008, exclaiming that he was not like the usual American presidential hopeful. The implication was clear. Staying in a church for 20 years while listening to the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright espouse “black liberation theology” (code for reparations) and spew hatred for this country is another indicator of where the president’s feelings resided.

Genuflecting before the Saudi king last year was his showing of his backside to America, which is still mostly white, not to mention his apologies for this country in Egypt, the recipient of foreign aid from the U.S. close to $70 billion since 1948. The Egyptians must have thought he was crazy. At home, he spoke of the little people clutching their Bibles and rifles and hunting illegals.

White Americans are mostly fed-up with the racism evidenced by the administration, seemingly made up mostly of people who not only don’t like this country but have every intention of tearing it down, somehow making it equal, if not inferior, to all other countries. Problem: Americans (at least white Americans) don’t like to be equal. This country didn’t get to where it is today by seeking equality; contrarily, it has stood in modern times for being in the forefront while at the same time not abridging any other country’s freedoms unless and until they threaten the free world. Yeah…an Obamanomaly, hopefully to be neutralized in November before he can do further damage.