Obama's Unspeakable Jihad & Fifth Column

Suppose George Bush, without any consultation with Congress, had simply ordered the U.S. military to rain bombs and missiles on Libya, or any other country. The leftist mainstream media would have called him everything from Hitler to Mao to Stalin to Pol Pot to Kim Jong il to Saddam to Hirohito to Genghis Khan and all other butchers in-between through all the ages. The media would have crucified him.

In addition, suppose that had happened despite the fact that Libya posed absolutely no threat to this or any other country, owned a population two million less than that of New York City, and had surrendered its weapons-of-mass-destruction establishment to this country years ago, when Bush actually was the president and when Libya’s Qaddafi probably looked at what was happening in Iraq and felt himself thus well-advised in doing so. The media would have insisted upon impeachment, conviction and expulsion from office, not to mention dragging Bush before some war-crimes court, here or elsewhere.

In addition, suppose Bush had presented a plan for obliterating Libya to the United Nations Security Council in order to gain some sort of approval for his bloodletting of Libyans, without mentioning, of course, that he was merely taking sides in a civil war, something any president worth the title would do. The media would have castigated him for surrendering U.S. sovereignty to a gaggle of freeloaders in New York City living the good life.

In addition, suppose Bush had instructed NATO to prepare to take over his murderous scheme because the U.S. was getting out, having started the bloody ball rolling for ten days at $55 million per day and figuring that was enough. The media would have accused him of pulling another Vietnam – lots of firepower and lives lost without any intention of seeing the little infamy through. The media would have accused him of being guilty of “crimes against humanity” and weakness.

Suppose Bush had flown to a resort in Brazil as the perfect location for announcing his “liberation of the Libyan people.” The media would have laughed him to scorn, accused him of being too cowardly to make the announcement at home and thus face the U.S. public, and suggested that he took too many vacations.

Suppose Bush, after cavorting in Brazil, had cruised Air Force One to visit other vacation spots for the next five or so days, living it up while his subordinates were left to handle his little war, answer to the press, and otherwise do all the dirty work attendant upon a dirty, underhanded operation. The media would have accused him of dereliction of duty and putting personal preferences before doing his job.

Suppose Bush had started the Libya operation, complete with numbers of attempts at assassinating Qaddafi (while denying that, of course), but insisted that Qaddafi was not a target and that Libyan regime-change was never a goal or even a consideration. The media would have accused him of subterfuge and perfidious conduct, as well as not being too bright, since the public could see right through such deceit.

Suppose Bush had given the Libyan rebels assurance, implied or otherwise, that he was solidly behind them and would furnish humanitarian help, translated by the rebels as arms and ammunition, but had refused to give them so much as a single m-16. The media would have flayed him for having dealt deceitfully with the “PEOPLE,” first abandoning the project to a reluctant NATO and then opting himself out of the whole mess.

Suppose, when Qadaffi had figured out how to thwart the air attacks by concealing light armaments/vehicles within the population, Bush had simply decided to bomb the military targets anyway, thus unfortunately killing all sorts of civilians – women, children, the old, etc. The media would have accused him of being heartless, insensitive…a murderer of the most vulnerable.

Yes…it’s easy to see where this is going. Two things stand out: (1) Obama, without even a minute’s worth of military experience, has instituted the calculated murder of civilians, an unwarranted attack on another nation, and a display of arrogance that’s unprecedented. (2) A subservient mainstream media has taken no notice of his perfidy on any bases, especially moral/ethical grounds. It’s as if to the media he has done no wrong, when it’s obvious to everyone else that he has waged and continues to wage a singularly gratuitous bloodletting that’s appalling, especially in current American history.

It was said that Reagan was the Teflon president. If that was so – and it wasn’t – Obama, as far as the media is concerned, is absolutely bulletproof. Morally, he is bankrupt, and that’s the worst sort of bankruptcy imaginable. His all too frequent speeches of high-flown rhetoric are as sounding brass, signifying nothing. Worse, he has caused honorable men in the military to commit murder on an unsuspecting nation. Intolerable!