The Obama/BP Cabal?

The “truthers” have had a field day since 9/11 in claiming that the Bush-Cheney cabal that also apparently included Halliburton and Osama bin laden (and maybe the Boy Scouts – who knows?) planned and carried out the attacks on the World Trade Center in the Big Apple, reducing it to rubble and causing the deaths of thousands. They even took out full-page newspaper ads to identify themselves as the actual patriots and condemn “cowboy” Bush for the equivalent of the massacre at the OK Corral or maybe the Alamo, where the dying Texans were attempting to hold their boot on Mexico’s neck, as Obama’s press propagandist Robert Glibs…er, Gibbs would have it.

Currently, the 9/11 truthers are totally silent about the cause of the BP oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico but one wonders how they might have reacted if Obama were not the darling of the left. If not lost in la-la-land, would the 9/11 truthers declare that according to all the best data available Obamessiah colluded with BP, Halliburton, and Osamessiah bin Laden in planning and carrying out the Gulf oil-well explosion in which 11 people died and many others were injured?

Could it be that the 9/11 truthers have discovered that according to White House data (mostly Rahm Emanuel e-mails) the president has declared that BP, as have policemen in Cambridge, acted stupidly and has promised, in between giving speeches, to read the reports proving that to be the case? After all, the president has been looking for an ass to kick and Vice President Biden found one over the weekend in Wisconsin, which (or whom) he designated as a “smart-ass” disguised as a custard-store manager. Only smart-asses could pull off an oil-spill of the magnitude of the one in the Gulf, so the truthers could know a possibility to blame, pointing the finger at the president and recognizing and encouraging “cover-up,” the last resort of the politician…no…make that the first resort.

Might the truthers suffer an attack of…well…TRUTH and declare that according to more data now being developed the toxic oil is supposed to kill at least some 3,000 more people in a few weeks as it permeates the shorelines of four states but that the bureaucrats/analysts at NSA, FBI, CIA, DEA, USA, USN, USMC, USCG, and the 9th precinct (and maybe the Boy Scouts) have decided not to connect the dots since the Bush administration left no dots to be connected, their spy agencies having failed to see this catastrophe in the planning and are therefore culpable?

Would the truthers declare that motive has been established perhaps by the CIA of Uzbekistan, to wit, that the administration now has $20 billion in the bank to be doled out by the administration’s pay czar posing as an objective third party? Would they consider the info developed possibly by the secret police and savvy imams/ayatollahs regarding data from various intel sources in Tajikistan that yachts, mansions, various and assorted massage parlors and private golf courses are being purchased in quantity throughout Europe and Asia by U.S. government officials, who can be expected to claim that no such purchases have even been contemplated, much less activated, and, in keeping with their cognitive level, that no more such purchases will be made? Only the Shadow knows!

Could it be that data is being ignored indicating that sonar at Pensacola and New Orleans picked up a recording of “God damn America” with a Southside Chicago accent just before some suicide/homicide bombers apparently flew their submarine into the spill cutoff at the base of the well, rendering it useless, and that nineteen members of the Rev. Dr. Honorable Ayatollah Imam “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan’s personal bodyguard have turned up missing?

Or…flip the coin! Could retired General Wesley Clark, perhaps the most notable truther vis-à-vis 9/11, and former CBS guru Dan Rather be in the process of proving that the Bush/Cheney/Osama/Halliburton cabal that brought on the WTC catastrophe of 9/11 is responsible for the oil-attack on the beaches and that Rather is in possession of a document prepared on a Texas Air National Guard Meteorology Department word-processor of 1967 proving that Bush, who frequently flew his fighter-jet over the Gulf, had spotted the appropriate site for a well and was preparing this explosion 40 years before the well was even drilled?

Rather came up empty on his famous – okay, infamous – discovery back in 2004 regarding the bogus Air National Guard document proving Bush was a bad boy and needed to not be reelected lest the nation be doomed absent the genius of John Kerry, who never fell off his skis and explained to Congress that American GIs harvested Vietnamese ears in the 60s. Say nay! Dangerous Dan has more expertise now. Stay tuned!