Presidential Potpourri

The most amazing thing happened on the way to vacation-time in New England for the president and the First Lady. They went on the same plane (at least once) instead of the usual his-and-hers routine. At least that’s the last sighting of either of them going to bask in the sun or play golf.

One supposes that the rumor is not true that Obama has a teleprompter crew with him at all times, including on the golf course, so that if he feels a speech coming on he will be ready. If for no other reason, that exercise, as it does in most speeches, will put his fellow-players to sleep, thus increasing his chances at a good round without having to score his card the way his Treasury-Secretary would, i.e., CHEAT.

In his press conference (euphemism for speech allowing for unlimited digressions and fully rehearsed misstatements) before he left Washington, he informed the world that Russia’s Vladimir Putin was the bad-boy-type always found at the rear of a schoolroom and owned a swagger that rivaled that of Bush 43.

The president hastened to add that Putin was a jovial sort, so perhaps the flexibility Obama promised to be in place after the election last year might be exercised…something perhaps like ceding hometown Chicago to Russia and getting rid of all those murder statistics. Trifles like that shouldn’t bother the former KGB colonel, though one suspects he would much rather have San Francisco, where his swagger might attract strange people thus making for a perfect vacation spot.

Recently, those strange people were roundly criticized by a Russian honcho in connection with the Olympics but at last sighting he still seemed to be alive. For his part, Obama said recently – maybe in that press conference amidst the dozing – that U.S. success absolutely depended on the homosexuals leading the way…the best the U.S. has to offer. Statements like this, besides making MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ leg tingle (he hasn’t said which one), drain money into DNC coffers like the flooding Mississippi, and who knows how many pockets.

In his most recent speeches (people bused in for a day off and a nap?), the president inadvertently explained why nothing has been done about straightening out the IRS corruption, prosecuting or even discovering the facts vis-à-vis the Benghazi Slaughter, explaining why the main implementation of Obamacare has been delayed until 2015, or even a simple matter like how the millions spent on his game with Tiger fitted the sequester act.

All of these matters, according to Obama, are phony; therefore, no one can expect the administration to be bothered with them when important matters are to be addressed, speaking of which, the president had a serious televised discussion the other evening with comedian Jay Leno about important world events. Discussing them with Leno instead of the appropriate bureaucrats was designed to show just how most everything is phony these days. It’s sort of like former State Secretary Clinton asked in that hearing concerning the Benghazi deaths: “What difference does it make now?” – or something as insensitive as that. Well…of course!

Obama also found time in his busy schedule to meet with Clinton but little about that meeting has been forthcoming. Did they discuss that $12 million Obama promised to help her raise to pay off her campaign debts of 2008? Has she ever discovered exactly where Benghazi is? Did she receive a three a.m. call that morning on 11 September 2012…wherever she was? Did the president discuss with her where he was? He has never said, so one is left to wonder if he took “Client 9’s” place that evening in Washington.

If only for settling that question, he should at least make up something halfway believable, like having an all-niter hoops session with the guys. Who cares now where he was anyway? He obviously was nowhere near the “situation room” (remember that nail-biting photo a la bin Laden’s takedown?), or he would have had pictures made to be spread all over the media. According to him, the Benghazi matter is a phony scandal so it wouldn’t have mattered if he was in Nairobi visiting relatives (or Boston, for that matter).

So…the country is safe for a few days, what with the prez in new England, Senator McCain just back from his routine Middle East shuttle. At his recent visitation in Lebanon (remember that picture?), he discovered to whom the U.S. should give Sherman tanks and dodge when doing no-fly zones. Obama demurred, so he gets some credit. McCain will find another likely civil war in which to meddle, so POTUS needs to be on the lookout. His NSA director, Susan Rice of the famous “talking points memo,” will perhaps not be as sanguinary as when she was at the UN and wangled a Libyan massacre from there.

The prez went to Brazil to announce that little seven-month massacre of Libyans in 2011 and to Leno’s clambake to do serious talk currently. After all, Jimmy Carter talked out matters with daughter Amy. Maybe Obama will do that number with one of his daughters.

And so it goes.