Obama's Missed Opportunity

The latest shakeup in the Obama administration, the “resignation” of Van Jones from something called the “czar for green jobs,” remarks a certain sadness that is growing in intensity every day…a sadness that could have been entirely avoided but for the mindset of Obama vis-à-vis his office. He reflects the anachronistic approach of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, i.e., the “time for reparations” use of government.

It goes even deeper than that. Jones was an admitted subversive whose aim as an adult has been to introduce “revolution,” an even stronger term than the official one of “transformation.” Not too long ago, he held the “black panther” view of doing whatever it takes to CHANGE (sound familiar?) the government, the same modus operandi of Obama mentor and friend, William Ayers of Weather Underground infamy (just blow up the suckers). Jones saw that his notions of using violence or at least violent protests were useless, so he decided to work within the system. His past followed him too well and those who pay attention outed him for the anti-American he is…in the same mold as “God damn America” Wright.

Though Jones was etched deeply on the record as a self-described communist, Obama gave him the “green” job, one that actually makes little sense, in the first place – a made-up job to bring him into the White House as a czar, meaning one with great responsibilities/influence but with no public vetting, no Advice-and-Consent of the Senate, and accountability only to the president, whose agenda it was his job to advance. And that agenda, being proven daily, amounts to the destruction of the foundations upon which the nation has been built.

So…it’s under the bus for Jones, who has made glaring and well-documented racist remarks and even signed a petition in 2004 to force an investigation to discover the Bush administration’s complicity in 9/11. No one actually believes he “resigned” without his walking papers bearing the imprimatur of the president. There, he joins Wright, Obama’s own grandmother (fearful of people of color) and tax-cheats Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer.

Perhaps the next to go under the bus will be Mark Lloyd. Mark Lloyd in July joined the Federal Communications Commission in the newly created post of Associate General Counsel/Chief Diversity Officer (another czar, in other words, accountable only to the president). After getting past the fancy title, one understands Lloyd’s job, implied by his own statements, to be the wrecking of “talk radio” that’s critical of the administration. The method: Fine privately-owned stations out of existence. The reason: Nobody listens to stations pushing the presidential agenda. This is a direct violation of Constitutionally ordained freedom of speech, but Lloyd and the prez are hoping to do an end-around run. Lloyd has publicly made much of the fact that Venezuelan thug-President Chavez has done just that.

The actual tragedy regarding the Obama presidency, as exemplified in Jones and Lloyd, is that it’s designed to literally destroy this government and national way of life. The president, as the first black president, has had the unique opportunity to prove the competence of his race in governance, building upon an establishment primarily built by whites over centuries.

Instead, he has made it plain verbally and by the appointment of some 34 czars reporting directly to him that he intends to destroy the country and fling it first into socialism and then perhaps into communism. Obama seems to consider his opportunity as merely “payback time,” taking out his revenge for whatever reason, since he’s suffered no hardships, on a current generation and future generations of whites for imagined grievances for which they bear or will bear no responsibility.

This is the primary aim of the health-care fiasco over which Obama has presided, “using” as his tools Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Reid, both total failures to this point. Admitting to never having read the proposed legislation in the House, he has finally realized through watching the polls that the vast majority of Americans don’t like the plan, about which they seem to know more than the legislators and certainly the president. And…for good reason! Obama seeks to take over 17% of the American GDP, after already taking over the major financial institutions and taking over and bankrupting Chrysler and General Motors.

A greater worry, however, is that Obama’s plan mirrors that of numerous developed nations in which health-care is damned by doctor-shortages, long lines of people awaiting treatment, and the rationing of care. The examples of these outrageous conditions are in the media presentations on practically a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that the system in this country doesn’t need to be reformed in certain ways, merely that throwing out the whole system, as Obama proposes, is not the way to go. Surely he is smart enough to see this, so the conclusion to be drawn is that he merely wants to control this most fundamental aspect of life; therefore, he wants complete control of people, eventuating in complete control of everything, complete with a fat oligarchy and the devil take the hindmost.

The president, who has never had a plan, will address the nation this week. One wonders how he hopes to put together a plan as complex as the one that’s needed in the short time between now and then. He will make a bully-pulpit presentation but it’s unlikely to sway people already leery of his administration, thanks to folks like Jones and Lloyd.