Obama Perverts Marriage

According to The Telegraph, a prominent Italian historian, Roberto De Mattei, claimed in April 2011 that the Roman Empire collapsed because a "contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy" made it easy pickings for barbarian hordes. That didn’t set well with the “progressives” in Italy but the ancient empire in its day was just like the U.S. is (or is said to be) now, too militarily strong to be defeated by any nation. By recent actions, homosexuals have been invited into the military (where the boys are) in this country and so the citizen can draw his own conclusions.

More to the point, the president has just announced that he deems it perfectly natural for men to marry men, thus sanctioning the perversions connected to homosexual “sexual” exercises. In 2008, he claimed in no uncertain terms that marriage was between one man and one woman. He hasn’t said yet if homosexual marriage is between one man and one man, nor can he because there is no relevant law (as pertaining to bigamy or polygamy). So…homosexuals can marry as many as they please, as long as a government apparatchik will perform the dishonors in states allowing homosexual marriage.

Incredibly, Obama (February 2011) has declared that his administration does not and will not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act passed in the 1990s, which is federal law, making it perfectly alright, according to him, for anyone to choose which laws to obey and which ones not to obey. Ditto for local law-enforcement agencies with regard to enforcement. The prez was at one time a law school “lecturer” whose expertise accrued to his understanding of the Constitution, so go figure. He swore to faithfully execute the office (Article 2, Section 1), meaning enforcing acts passed by Congress and signed into law (Clinton). His words reveal his unworthiness.

Also incredibly, Obama said he consulted with his daughters, ages ten and 13, regarding this matter and is abiding by their views. This remarks the time when Democrat President Carter consulted with his daughter Amy, 13, as to what the most important consideration was in 1980. She decided on nuclear weaponry and the control of nuclear arms. She certainly didn’t mention the U.S. hostages held in Iran. Carter has affirmed that he thinks same-sex unions should be officially sanctioned, so the DOMA wouldn’t have meant anything to him, either, though he probably would have had sense enough to enforce it.

The president said his attitude concerning marriage has been “evolving.” It has, and it started back in the 1990s, when he ran for a seat in the Illinois Legislature. It is documented in concrete that he affirmed then that he believed in homosexual marriage. By 2008, he had “evolved” to the point that he believed marriage was a one-man-one-woman thing only. In 2012, he has “evolved” into believing homosexuals should be allowed to marry each other if so inclined. He has “evolved” into a complete revolution, notwithstanding that 30 state constitutions define marriage as heterosexual only and that 39 states bar homosexual marriage by law.

Obviously, Obama has no position on marriage. His definition depends entirely upon expediency, just as his approach to just about everything else does. His backers are the ultra-liberal Hollywood types who pour millions into his campaigns. The hoi polloi, like the vast majority of North Carolina voters who just approved a non-homosexual-marriage constitutional amendment to go along with its current law that does the same thing, mean nothing when payback time to the elite is at hand. Obama defined them in 2008 as clutching their Bibles and firearms and chasing illegal immigrants. In other words, he considers them to be ignoramuses.

Vice President Biden, probably as planned by Obama, came out for homosexual marriage to NBC’s David Gregory on 06 May and probably considers “weds” a three-letter word. Education Secretary Duncan did the same the next day on another program, both instances probably planned in conjunction with the appropriate media. Until last year, Kevin Jennings worked for Duncan as head of the Office of State and Drug-free Schools. Jennings, a homosexual, founded the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network. As another czar regulating schools, he had a lurid history of promoting homosexuality in the schools.

Hilary Rosen, apparently the resident lesbian in the Obama White House, recently castigated Romney’s wife for having never worked, though she has raised a sizeable family of five sons. SCOTUS justice Kagan could but does not settle the question of whether or not she’s a lesbian. If she is, she would be an idiot to do so, though the president has given the green light. The public outcry would be loud and long.

In October 1964 just before the election, Walter Jenkins, President Lyndon Johnson’s right-hand man and daily operator in the White House (would be called chief of staff today), was arrested account apprehended having sex with another man in a YMCA toilet in Washington. He was gone from the scene immediately, his career in presidential politics ended. He had a further lurid history concerning his homosexuality. In that same circumstance today, Obama would welcome him to the party. Jenkins, a Catholic, and his wife had six children, so it would appear that for him homosexual behavior was a choice that might have totally compromisd him with respect to such things as national security.

Obama welcomes that sort of potential catastrophe to the White House. As Italian Roberto De Mattei would have it, the president encourages the country’s rotting-out from the inside.