No End-Zone Spike...No Pix!

One would like to think that the successful dispatching of Osama indicated to the world, especially Muslim nations, that this country will not stop responding when attacked until the attacker is either brought to justice or killed, sometimes the same thing. The president has expressed the fear that showing pictures of Osama at his bitter and much-sought-after end would inflame Muslims and make them try to “get us.”

The Muslims could not hate us more than they already do if we blew Afghanistan clear off the map, so showing Osama in his shroud would not change a thing. The jihadists already laughingly hold this nation hostage, what with their determining things such as how to get aboard a plane without losing all attempts at cool or looking both ways quickly and then running like mad when departing a subway train or wondering if that lady in the long dress and head scarf is actually a man (or woman) with TNT strapped about his midsection. Now they hold this nation hostage in the simple matter of what can be shown – or, in this case, not shown. Disgusting!

No…surely Obama is not so dumb that he can’t understand what everyone else knows, and that no pictures of anyone connected to the whole affair need be shown, thus bringing no one under threat of a fatwa that already exists against all infidels, in any case. Added to that, of course, is the inevitable growing of the feeling of the citizens that something is rotten in Denmark and that the president has an agenda.

But the prexy has said we simply can’t “spike the ball in the end zone” by showing Osama “at rest” (leaving one to wonder if a “slam dunk” might serve), the better not to appear to be gloating. Well…okay, but there’s a little problem with his decision, namely that gazillions of Muslims throughout the Arab world – if the news accounts are reliable – don’t believe the mighty Osama is dead, ergo, that the fight against the Great Satan must continue as he directs it. It’s barely possible that they might become believers if copies of the one-eyed corpse were distributed and actually decide that it’s just not worth it anymore.

Obama apparently has not objected to all the video seen 24/7 of the results of U.S. planes and those of other nations raining death upon innocent civilians in Libya (97% Muslim)…pictures of the bodies in the streets and the demolished buildings and the reporters oohing and aahing over the evil Qaddafi while standing in the rubble caused by Obama/NATO and reporting about such things as the murder of Qaddafi’s son and three grandchildren, all dangerous to the world. The wrecked house, in the middle of an ordinary neighborhood, was shown all over the Internet and TV, as has been the bloody picture of Osama’s son, killed in the SEAL attack.

So…what’s the agenda? Perhaps it’s simply that Obama has no stomach for exhibiting the pictures of a prominent Muslim…too insulting, even for the monster Osama. So…pictures of bloody-headed Libyans don’t merit protection from view, thus inciting more danger…but Osama does? One would think that the graphic picturing for some six weeks now of Libyan atrocities managed by Obama and NATO would inflame Muslims and, using the Obama take concerning safety, should be shut down, at least as far as all that are taken by the government.

It isn’t known here if Obama has precluded from view pictures taken by this government of the Libya carnage. Perhaps he has…but the horse is out of the barn anyway, courtesy of the media. And diligent Muslim operatives would have no trouble pinpointing the put-upon GIs and others responsible for carrying out the directive of the commander-in-chief, with respect to fatwas.

Obama’s perfidy in Libya has been in full view, with no doubt about his “gutsy” decision back in March to “establish a Libyan no-fly zone,” a feat that was accomplished in about four days or less, presumably with a minimum of lost lives, at least by Muslim standards. But the attacks by NATO at Obama’s behest have continued apace, so what is the reason for them now? There is no reason, of course, no exit strategy, no group with which to parley with reference to a new government. Actually, nobody in this White House seems to know much of anything except that Obama has told Qaddafi his time has come.

About those pictures of Osama vis-à-vis those of Libya? Maybe it’s simple (gasp) discrimination! How could a measly dead Libyan possibly be compared to the grand butcher of them all, someone too sacred to be shown with part of his head missing? In death, ironically, Osama has shared the plight of his partner in crime, Mullah Omar, head of the Taliban, who lost an eye in the Afghan-Soviet war of the 1980s. One wonders if Obama will send the SEALs after him, as well as Ayman al Zawahiri, Osama’s second-in-command.