Carson is Right

No U.S. Muslim Officials

It was predictable from the moment he said it on the Sunday morning Meet the Press TV talk-show that Ben Carson's remark vis-a-vis a Muslim being president would go viral, i.e., in that in defying political correctness he categorically and with emphasis claimed that a Muslim should never be president of the USA. It was not a swipe at Obama in that he made it clear that he believed Obama in his claim to be a Christian.

Those who are hung-up on political correctness, never mind what a Muslim president might or might not do, will try to crucify Carson for making this claim, which did not involve any hemming and hawing but was spontaneous and indicative of a decision already made. Carson also indicated that electing a Muslim in Congress would involve further thought, but his body language seemed to indicate that he wouldn't favor that, either.

There are two Muslims in Congress, Representative Keith Ellison, Minnesota democrat, and Representative Andre Carson, Indiana democrat. Both are black and probably consider themselves as African-Americans. They were born in Detroit and Indianapolis, respectively, but neither is Arabic, at least in appearance. I don't know if either is part of the Nation of Islam, headed by Louis Farrakhan, or any other segment of Islam, though Ellison is Sunni, according to Wiki. Neither should be there.

Carson's assertion is actually a no-brainer and he has forced the other candidates to declare, notwithstanding that the Islamic holy book, the Quran, and other Islamic holy writings stipulate that infidels are to either pay the tax (become slaves) or be killed, with the exception of Jews, for whom the only directive is death. The Islamic theologians (top brass such as the ayatollah in Iran) and other teachers do not dispute this but affirm it as the truth, as do local Muslim pooh-bahs.

Earlier this year, Iranian ruler, ayatollah Khameini, called for “death to America,” more familiarly known in Iran as the Great Satan. That just about says it all. Notwithstanding that threat, State Secretary Kerry has just announced that the U.S. will allow 85,000 Muslims to emigrate to the U.S. in 2016, with another 100,000 in 2017.

Kerry mentioned those as immigration-totals but at least 95% will be Syrian Muslims. That's either numbskull stupidity or elitist lunacy. There are 6.7 million Muslims in the U.S., just over 2% of the total population, and that's quite enough, especially since every mosque in the nation is or can be a breeding ground for homegrown Muslims desiring to kill women and children in the malls or on buses/trains. Ask the British, French or Spanish citizens.

This is not to say that aid should not be given to Muslim refugees, only that it should be given generously in helping the affected persons exist in their current locations. Besides having a $19 trillion debt, this nation doesn't even take adequate care of its vets, let alone taking in tens of thousands to add to the welfare rolls. Just providing transportation for 185,000 people (planes, of course) boggles the mind. One wonders already from where up to $1,200, necessary for a refugee to buy a trip out of Syria, comes. The refugees, in camps already, have not been at work.

Does money for the passage come from ISIS in an effort to slip as many terrorists as possible into Europe now and into the U.S. later—if President Obama gets his way? This is the time for Congress to step up—both parties—and show some spine for a change by simply refusing to fund this outrage. All the propaganda about the peacefulness of Islam is given the lie every day as Muslims (Sharia Law) murder/torture Christians and others by the thousands, not to mention their treachery on 9/11 as well as in the Boston Marathon killings and mutilations. It's no wonder that a huge segment of the U.S. population considers Obama a Muslim.

Such would not be the case if the people involved were from Africa, China, Europe, for instance. The Muslims, obsessed with their Caliphate (of which Europe stands to become a part) have declared death to this country. That's the difference.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark