The NOH8 GangHedonism Incarnate

Two-thirds of the news-section of the front page of the Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, Ky., was devoted to something labeled NOH8 (pronounced “no hate”) on 21 March. The headline above the fold: FIGHTING HATE WITH…. Under the headline was a picture of two guys, naturally, with duct-tape covering their mouths (automatically ruling out a bit of fellatio) and NOH8 painted on their faces. Under the picture, the further headline: …SILENCE.

Get it? Fighting hate with silence…how cute! Seems that NOH8 is national in scope and features a “photographic silent protest” that advocates for “equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.” So…NOH8 was in the news on the front page (far more important than anything like a war in Afghanistan) because it held its “first Kentucky photo shoot” in one of the city’s hotels.

There were other photos, one of a being called Trinity (single-word names are big these days), sex (or no sex) undetermined and undisclosed and another of three ladies and a baby, the latter ironically an impossibility accruing to “actions” performed on each other by the folks involved.

NOH8 apparently came on line in California (where else?) in 2008, when the voters approved Proposition 8 (get it?…8?), thus banning same-sex marriage. The duct-tape-over-mouth installed by the supposed aggrieved instead of by another entity supposedly symbolizes the loss of freedom of speech, though one wonders what that has to do with the freedom to take it off and shout to the heavens whatever the protest-mantra du jour is, with no government allowed to abridge that right.

Also, no government on any level is allowed to stop the folks involved from doing whatever “sexual” act they desire, so the “duct-tape-to-the-mouth” gimmick fails on that point, also. The NOH8ers could have placed the tape on other anatomy-areas, as well, but the photos might not have made the paper in that case…or at least the front page, although with McClatchy (H-L owner) these days…who knows? Its head honcho has just taken over as CEO of Associated Press, perhaps the most liberal (sometimes a euphemism for tawdry-sophisticated) “news” organization in the country, part of the mainstream Obama-propaganda machine, along with NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN and ABC, not to mention the leftist big-city newspapers.

I resent this obvious effort to make people who agree with Proposition 8 into haters of some sort. I agree with the big-8 and I resent being called a hater. I don’t hate the folks in the LGBT gang…I hate their physical behavior, which is damnably perverted and unhealthy, something a public-school freshman recognizes just from his general health textbook, if nothing else. Trying to make “straights” into the “heavies” on this subject is a pronounced exercise of hate in and of itself.

The NOH8ers have become the haters and the muddle-headed press, itself damned by a preponderance of liberal operators with vacuums between their ears, are only too happy to be the propaganda arm trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s rear (okay, that’s supposed to be “ear”). The subject calls for the former.

According to the L-H, more than 20,000 NOH8ers have been photographed, along with the Lexington gang, with no mention of how the pictures will be used or misused or abused but it’s a lead-pipe cinch that NOH8ers might rue the day their pictures were made available to every weirdo, psycho, or just plain good ol’ boy throughout the world.

As for their solution being SILENCE in the face of all of us haters…that’s worth a 14-carat belly-laugh. These folks are among the loudest screamers in the country for their “rights,” so loud that in 2008 the democrat contenders for the presidency, excluding Dodd and Biden but including Clinton and Obamessiah, made a weird appearance at a debate staged by the downtrodden, tortured LGBTers, now the NOH8ers.

They have every logical right any other American has. The idea that they should marry is so illogical, as proven by nature itself, that it does not represent a right any more than a dog-lover has a right to marry Fido, something of which the NOH8ers might approve, come to think of it.

The idea that something as off-the-wall as NOH8 and its pictures deserves a huge write-up on a metro newspaper front-page is unseemly at best, perverse at worst, not least because it encourages a procedure that could make for a dangerous situation for a multitude of people being led down the primrose path. Worse, it’s just another example of the irresponsibility connected to making perversion into normalcy, something the newspaper should consider, especially with respect to young people. It’s hedonism in its worst form, which is tearing at the very fabric of the nation now. The paper should be ashamed.