The NFL Soap-opera & Female Victim-hood

The soap-opera called the National Football League still commands the media, with the world going to hell in a hand-basket and foreign-country reporters shunted aside to get at the juicy stuff, not tame things like genocide and beheading. Since the ladies got into the act big-time—National Organization for Women and multitudes of media gals, for instance—the plot has thickened to the point of no ignoring.

Ray Rice and his significant other got roaring drunk the other week, slapped each other around a bit and he whacked her after she spit in his face, all caught on tape. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Rice for two games, costing the player a cool $500,000 of a $4 million contract. Case closed! Well...not exactly. The NOW gang demanded that Goodell resign immediately even though he had nothing to do with the Rice mess, and the TV gals waxed eloquently sadistic vis-a-vis poor Ray...not exactly that he be shot at sunrise but maybe at least water-boarded, the cad.

Upon further reflection occasioned by the ladies' outrage, Goodell suspended Rice indefinitely. Over in St. Louis (NFL Cardinals), Daryl Washington is serving a year of probation for his domestic violence peccadilloes and the other day Jonathan Dwyer head-butted his wife into a broken nose after she bit his lip in a discussion about having sex or not. So, he is now suspended. Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings more recently managed to beat his four-year-old with some kind of switch or branch...needless to say, in excess. He's now on the bench, though the ladies think he should be in jail.

The women don't seem to understand that this stuff is logically handled by law enforcement and not a sports organization, though when law enforcement officers came to the Dwyer's house to rescue the wife, she said her husband, who was hiding in the bathroom, was not at home. The next day, he beat her again, something that might have been avoided if she had been truthful.

The nation has entered the “women's century,” and the ladies are playing it to the hilt, not least because they're in the majority and thus control the vote. As a result, normally reasonable military leaders are placing them in combat where they drain the attention of soldiers from killing the enemy to protecting the ladies. The president is not a reasonable commander-in-chief, has zilch military smarts, and sees this matter as sociological rather than logical.

The women have misjudged themselves both physically and mentally. The ladies involved with NFL or any pro-sport athletes claim victim-hood but rarely mention their willingness to be live-in tramps for professional players, sometimes even marrying them and then screaming bloody-murder when their own stupidity has placed them in “inconvenient” circumstances. The good times with millionaire athletes can turn ugly, but harlotry beckons...and then there's always the protective orders and courts, now being taken over by women. Proceeds from a divorce or “domestic-split” can fix a gal for life if she's smart. Think Tiger Woods, for instance.

Because of female pressure, Pentagon pooh-bahs—with straight faces—claim there were 26,000 unreported rapes in the military in 2012 and—coincidentally—26,000 unreported rapes in 2013. There will probably be another 26,000 in 2014, especially since things that are unreported can be reported as anything. The current figure for coed rapes stands at one-in-five over a student's college years, though not because of bad guys jumping from behind bushes but by those evil boyfriends. According to the ACLU (February 2010), 95% of college rapes are not reported. Does anyone actually believe this stuff?

Remedies to female victim-hood are so obvious as to be insulting to be mentioned to a rational person. Start with the girls not getting drunk or high, not frequenting sex cesspools like frat houses and sleazy bars, and not being sex-obsessive (merrily leading on the guy, then screaming NO and then turning him in, especially if he's not particularly appreciative or pliable). Segregate college dormitories and military facilities gender-wise. Use plain common sense, like not wandering around drunk at three a.m. So Simple!

As for the gals who go for the NFL hunks, it's put up and shut up. A gaggle of these guys have wrecked their bodies and minds with steroids, HGH and other stuff. They aren't rational much of the time, not least because their brains are scrambled routinely. Women with any sense know this but for the love of money, both sexes sell their bodies. At NFL games the nearly-nude cheerleaders are examples of this. NOW probably thinks they're great (or maybe victims...who knows?) but they just look like hookers/groupies.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark