The Martin Affair & Yellow Journalism

Yellow journalism, defined as “biased opinion masquerading as objective fact,” is despicable at best and virtually criminal at worst. A good example of a complete yellow distortion of what purported to be a “news account” recently was the doctoring of a 911 tape by NBC News in its reporting about the Trayvon Martin shooting in which the shooter, George Zimmerman, seemed to voluntarily indicate Martin’s ethnicity; however, he furnished that information only AFTER he was asked for it by the 911 dispatcher. He did not volunteer this information (making him a racist), as the tape abridgment was made to show by a deceiving NBC through its selective editing.

As if that weren’t a bad enough skewing of “facts,” the news outlets attempted to make it appear that Zimmerman had suffered no injuries as a result of his altercation with Martin, regardless of the circumstances. The proper high-definition camera-work/production necessary for accuracy involving any significant distance between camera and object plainly showed that Zimmerman had a head-wound, a corroboration of the police report but bad news for the “newsies,” caught yet again red-handed in advancing various agendas disguised as actual news accounts.

Perhaps NBC’s main player in this skewing – or at least as a result of it – is MSNBC’s intrepid reporter(?), the Rev. Al Sharpton, who, despite his activism that would have been unwarranted even if he had gotten the facts straight, betrayed him for what he is, an opinionated bigot and certainly not to be taken seriously as a bona fide objective viewer of any scene. The edited tape popped up on NBC’s morning clambake, the “Today Show,” but as a news item it’s the baby of top-anchor Brian Williams, who had to know just how deceptive the reporting was and let it go on…or, more probably, saw that it did.

What Williams allowed or advanced was as false and yellow as the “journalism” produced by CBS top-anchor and news editor Dan Rather in 2004 when he attempted to sell the public, using falsified documents, on the fact that George Bush was guilty of violating some sort of Air National Guard regulation or given special treatment of some kind. Even in light of this scandal, Rather was allowed to stay on at CBS just as Sharpton has been allowed to continue to spread his crap at MSNBC. This is instructive regarding the integrity of the networks.

Star NBC reporter Michael Isikoff is now on the Martin case. Isikoff’s claim to infamy was his reporting a while back of Korans being flushed down the toilet at Gitmo. There was a catch…this didn’t happen but 15 Afghanis somehow got religiously killed because they believed Isikoff’s huge lie. Result: Isikoff’s credibility rises to that of a porcupine but he’s good enough for NBC.

It’s especially galling in the case of Sharpton, though his presence on the Martin scene was aided and abetted by Jesse Jackson, known for his rifling of his own organization’s funds (hundreds of thousands) for the upkeep of his mistress and their “love-child.” Sharpton’s main claim to infamy had to do with the Tawana Brawley case in 1987. According to the Associated Press, Sharpton and Brawley's lawyers asserted "on 33 separate occasions" that a local prosecutor named Steven Pagones "had kidnapped, abused and raped" Brawley (15-year-old black girl). There was no evidence, and Pagones was soon cleared. Sharpton had to cough up $65,000 to Pagones as a result of the lawsuit that followed. So much for Sharpton’s credibility.

Obama, without knowing the facts, foolishly entered the Martin matter, merely a local one in which a president would hardly be expected to intervene, saying that Martin would look like his son if he had one, whatever that means. The Rev. Jesse Jackson said, "Blacks are under attack," as if the U.S. Army and all police departments were doing what Obama said the Pennsylvanians did in 2008 – grasping their Bibles and shotguns and hunting down illegals. This kind of race-baiting is just as yellow as jaundiced journalism. The statistics overwhelmingly indicate that blacks have declared war on each other with regard to black-on-black killings, especially among young blacks.

The tip-off on yellow journalism was concocted by the New York Times when it referred to Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic,” ostensibly because one of his parents is white. Yet, the august Times would never refer to Obama as a white African American even though one of his parents was white. The paper is a propaganda hack for Obama but this was just too big a stretch.

The mainstream media, especially including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, see no story opportunity about interracial killing unless the white involved can be made to appear as the villain. The killing, for whatever reason, has to be some strain of white-on-black, never or seldom black-on-white or black-on-black, which is the main, deplorable story today. In other words, yellow journalism, far from being the exception, is the rule. The lesson advanced: whites are a mean oppressor people. What garbage!