Nazism and Islam

When folks want to point out the evil that exists in other folks or in governments or institutions, they often apply the term “Nazi,” which references the movement/government/killing-machine introduced by Germany’s Adolph Hitler and his thugs in the 1920-40s. Their effort eventuated in atrocities so brutal and mass murders of such unimaginable proportions that reasonable/civilized people cannot comprehend their enormity. With no quantifying of human suffering possible, there was, however, the quantifying of the deaths – 11,000,000.

Using the term “Nazi” is, of course, inappropriate in common discourse, since nothing even resembling that kind of monstrous behavior has happened since 1945, when the bloodletting – at least by the Nazis – was stopped by the Allies in the culmination of World War II, notwithstanding that Russia’s Joseph Stalin (an Ally) and his huge cadre of monsters was another matter, of course, in the brutality/mass-murder department.

But is the use of the term “Nazi” inappropriate now? It is hard to conceive of anything like the Holocaust happening again – 6,000,000 Jews murdered after being tortured or starved plus 5,000,000 other Europeans slaughtered like animals – in a world whose leaders and citizens surely have learned from that horrific history. Can history repeat itself?

Item: In his quarter-century of reign in Iraq, Saddam, say the experts, tortured fellow Iraqis unmercifully and put some 400,000 of them to death, this in a country with a current population of only about 26 million. Besides using weapons of mass destruction (deadly gas) on fellow Iraqis, he intercepted for his personal use tens of millions of oil-sale dollars allowed to pass the sanctions for food and medicine for his people, leaving them to suffer and die. In a nation in which only four out of ten people are literate, he even stockpiled enormous caches of weapons in the schools.

Why would Saddam, a Moslem, kill Iraqis, also Moslems? This statement was made by Hitler in a speech on 12 April 1922: "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter." Why would a German Christian, a believer in God, kill fellow German believers in the same God, whether Jews or Protestants or Roman Catholics? In the cases of these two men, religion played little, if any, part – probably none. They were butchers for personal reasons, and their butchering died out when they disappeared. Significantly, they made no appeal to the masses in the name of religion.

Item: On 11 September 2001, some 3,000 people in this country died as the result of the will of one man, Osama bin Laden, who claimed that it was his RELIGIOUS duty, as well as the RELIGIOUS duty of all Moslems, to kill infidels – all people who are not adherents of Islam. He may or may not be alive and well, but if and when he is gone, his movement, made in the name of religion, will not die. This is abundantly clear today in such places as Sudan, where in Darfur the Islamic-controlled Sudanese government has put, and is putting, to the sword hundreds of thousands of infidels.

Virtually every person in the United States is an infidel, and is marked with the same “fatwa” (order to kill) that was pronounced against the author Salmon Rushdie simply because what he wrote didn’t set well with some ayatollah in Iran. By his own admission, Rushdie is not Moslem, but he probably would have been marked for death if he had been…just because he criticized Islam. Not even that is allowed. Imagine the Pope pronouncing a “fatwa” against the many people who have called attention to the “pedophile/homosexual” problem in the Catholic Church.

It has been obvious in recent decades that Islam is a force with which to reckon, one driven by government-controlling fanatical religionists working through decent but gullible people, for the most part, to overcome entire populations, using terror as their main method. Moslems, no matter their individual proclivity for peace, are so thoroughly brainwashed, at least in the Middle East, North Africa, and Indonesia (huge populations) that they will kill as a religious matter, one of the most compelling forces in the human condition.

The fact that Saddam and Osama are off the scene now, at least for all practical purposes, means nothing with respect to the danger, most graphically seen in the rulers of Iran, whose president has said publicly that his nation will wipe out Israel and, by extension, the United States. When Hitler and Stalin disappeared, there was no glue to hold their thugs together. Not so with Islam. Using the tools of terror/religion, Moslem leaders cower their own populations and successfully groom their successors, so that there will never be a lack of leadership and the religious terror with which it threatens its own people and all the “infidels.”