Muslim Pilots?

At risk of violating political correctness to a degree so exponential as to be incomprehensible, it is necessary now – should have been done long ago – to decide who should and should not be certified to pilot commercial aircraft. The question should certainly have been raised in October 1999, when Gameel el-Batouty, copilot of Egyptair #990 and with the captain out of the cockpit, deliberately crashed the plane off Nantucket, soon after takeoff.

For more than a minute as he produced this genocide – 217 dead – Batouty, a Muslim, was heard repeating “I rely on God” over and over. According to the “black boxes” recovered, the pilot returned to the cabin and tried to save the plane, imploring Batouty to help him, but Batouty had even cut the engines. The copilot was committing homicide/suicide and, he thought, was on his way to the 72 virgins, as promised by the ayatollahs and imams.

Less than two years later, 19 Muslims commandeered four commercial jets on 11 September 2001, with their pilots crashing two into the World Trade Center in New York City, one into the Pentagon, and the fourth into a Pennsylvania meadow, killing some 3,000 and totally destroying the WTC, both buildings imploding. It was the suicide/homicide jihad-model, with the hijackers off to 1,368 virgins for their trouble.

The red flags should have been acknowledged then regarding Muslims and commercial jets, since Muslim pilots, even though hijackers, had wreaked such havoc. Their absent regard for even their own lives, not to mention those of the people they killed by crashing commercial jets, is incomprehensible to civilized people but such was the case.

The recent crash of Malaysia Airlines #370 soon after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur on 08 March is the instant case in point. Both pilots were Muslims – 239 people died, and there's no trace of the plane. The consensus is that the crash was engineered on-board the plane, i.e., by one or both of the pilots. The plane flew for hours after veering off-course so one can only imagine the hell on board, i.e., if the passengers lived long enough to know what was happening.

The pilot of a commercial flight has the right to refuse to fly a passenger if he or she believes the passenger is a threat to the safety of the flight. The pilot’s decision must be reasonable and based on observations of a passenger, not stereotypes; however, stereotyping is often the best way to make a decision – profiling, in other words, which is what happens at airports in Israel, for instance. No aircraft has ever been hijacked out of the Ben Gurion Airport. The body-scanner is not used.

The attack is thwarted when the would-be attacker is neutralized. Police, with the blessings of the citizenry, profile as a routine matter, notwithstanding regulations to the contrary. One such flight event – not the only one – happened in May 2011 when a captain on a Memphis to Charlotte flight refused to take off if two imams were allowed on his plane, even though they had been taken off and reexamined as threats. They had to take another flight.

This seems unfair, especially since Muslims insist that Islamic teachings do not allow for suicide/homicide; however, they must admit that their religious protocol concerning infidels is that they must be exterminated or taxed (enslaved). The media is replete every day with the butchery of jihadists who insist that they are obeying the Koran, the Islam holy book.

There's no more damning fanatic than a religious fanatic, regardless of which religion. The Judeo/Christian faith does not teach nihilism but the imams and ayatollahs do; therefore, a Muslim, no matter how circumspect, is automatically under suspicion especially since he has to admit the “infidel thing” or lie.

Sometimes, professionals are deemed too smart to fall for the suicide/homicide/72-virgin thing, but this isn't so. Khalid, mastermind of the WTC destruction was well-educated—in North Carolina. Humam Khalil al-Balawi, subject of The Triple Agent by Joby Warrick, who blew-up himself and seven CIA personnel in Afghanistan (while wounding many more), was a medical doctor. Using well-trained pilots for terrorism is a no-brainer, especially for mass killings.

Should both pilots of a commercial flight be Muslims? Absolutely not! If a pilot can refuse a Muslim passenger, a passenger should have the option of refusing a Muslim pilot. In a perfect world, this shouldn't be, but this isn't a perfect world.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark